Saturday, 14 February 2009

Time to say "No more"...

I have never believed in violence to achieve legitimate aims but this belief is being pushed to the limit by the fascist state I live in. HM Government is institutionally prejudiced against disabled and transsexual people so if you are both you simply get twice the discrimination.

Occasionally you find someone, like my GP who is without prejudice and prepared to help but the overwhelming majority of the establishment do everything they can to destroy you. Worst of all are the smiling bigots feigning concern and understanding whilst in reality they treat you with utter contempt.

This all starts with HM Government’s attitude to true transsexual people who they now gleefully call transgender or Trans a meaningless grouping invented by their lackeys Press for Change that equates a neurological condition with some sort of sexual preference.

HM Government bigots constantly sell the propaganda that being transsexual or disabled is some sort of lifestyle choice made by the work-shy to enjoy a life of luxury on benefits. This is the propaganda of the capitalist state that wants a low wage global economy playing off one set of subsistence wage worker against another.

Meanwhile the fat cat bankers pay themselves huge bonuses as a reward for their greed secure in the knowledge that HM Government will continue to fund their excesses through increased taxation of the workers, well those that are left after the mass layoffs, to ensure the capitalist shareholders maintain their dividends and increase their wealth at the expense of the majority.

This is medieval feudalism brought up to date and held in place by fear and force. Whatever woes befall the common people the establishment continues and flourishes but this must change. I’ve always been an anarchist but held back from violent protest as it’s never directed well enough against the establishment hierarchy and it is the innocent protester that gets hurt. That is the lesson of the Peterloo massacre and should not be forgotten.

Targeted non-violent direct action can however produce fundamental change in this bankrupt state and the time is right to start it…


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for what you are doing Fiona. I'm glad I'm not the only one who had been abused by the NHS system.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona,

I have had a read of your blog and agree with what you say. I am also an anarchist and am also a Christian and a romantic.

I do wonder who is actually represented by PFC other than its leaders.

I'm working on exposing Deenesh Khoosal, now head of the 'Gender Identity Clinc' at Leicester. He basically subjected me to a massive assault in 1982 when I was at Radley College, the elitist concentration camp in which I was imprisoned during my youth.

He committed a criminal offence against me when I was legally a child and asking to be referred to a specialist and I now have it all in writing.

I seek allies to get the truth out in public. According to Russell Reid, Khoosal is a homosexual which would explain why he did what he did to me.

Some of the material is up on my blog. It includes my letter of November 5th 1982 in which I had provoked my housemaster into giving a social ( ie house prayers)on the necessity of Rules and why anarchy would not work!

It is time to challenge the hman rights abusers to explain themselves!