Tuesday, 3 February 2009

It just keeps getting better…

I’ve had a couple of days on medical matters well in the sense I got my free NHS eye sight test and I’m delighted with the result. My last test was in 2003 and six years later and having had three major Iritis attacks amazingly my prescription is no different now compared to 2003. Next week I have a contact lens test but I have to pay for that. It’ll be great to go back to contact lenses particularly now there are gas permeable varifocal contact lens options. The NHS contributes to the cost of the lenses as well which is a bonus.

So on a bit of a roll I went to see my GP with my list; sick note, prescription etc. and to say a big thank you for giving me real hope of putting my Ankylosing Spondylitis into permanent remission once my major surgery is out of the way. I decided to ask about rhinoplasty as whilst this was approved by South Staffordshire PCT they instead on one of their hospitals. I had asked for the top maxillofacial surgeon in the UK who also coincidentally (of course) is the top private facial feminisation plastic surgeon. I don’t think I have to explain why South Staffordshire said no to me.

Anyway I gave all the details to my GP as this particular surgeon is based in Manchester in the forlorn hope he might do some NHS work. Later today I got a text back saying he’s based at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and yes I can have my rhinoplasty there with him. I must say there is a genuine reason for my requiring surgery in that when my nose was reset after my accident the internal & external damage could not be corrected without an operation.

I must admit I spent a good hour laughing after the news came through as I think I’m becoming the Bionic Woman (we have the technology we can rebuild her). LOL Lets see so far Manchester NHS has agreed to my major surgery, agreed to put me on the expensive TNF alpha treatment, and now agreed to rhinoplasty that will dramatically improve my appearance.

I owe this City so much, for taking me in when I was near total physical and mental collapse and giving me renewed faith in the future. I am determined to find a way of paying back this investment in my health.

I owe (and love) Manchester big time…

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