Wednesday, 7 January 2009

There’s a hole punched in the dam…

Now it’s time to make it breach and let the floodwaters of change free.

I don’t want to sound like I’m boasting but the fact I’m having my sex affirmation surgery paid for by the National Health Service without having to endure going through a Gender Identity Clinic and all the unscientific bogus nonsense they serve up has changed the rules for everyone.

I’m not going to repeat the legal arguments in this piece as they appear elsewhere in my blog but they are devastating and overwhelming.

What I’ve established is that there is absolutely no legal basis for any pathway to transition that is more onerous than that defined by the gender recognition act.

To get a gender recognition certificate all that is required is that you can prove two years living in the gender opposite to that defined in your birth certificate and get a report from your GP plus one from one of the HM Government approved Gender Specialists.

Once you have one then you have legally changed sex and the NHS must fund your surgery.

Now of course the psychiatrists in the National Health Service would have you believe that only they appear on the list but if you check there are gender specialists who are not psychiatrists. They may for example be endocrinologists. So take your pick!

I chose Dr Richard Curtis of the London Gender Clinic as in my opinion he has a qualification beyond any of the NHS psychiatrists in that he has changed gender himself.

I think this is important for the true transsexual, as I don’t believe anyone who has not directly experienced the sex of the brain being different to the body can remotely understand the condition.

NHS psychiatrists seem to understand the gender confused transvestite, in fact I am convinced they believe they are creating gay men without penises and that is no use to the true transsexual.

A true transsexual doesn’t need someone else to diagnose them or tell them how to become the opposite sex because they already are and soon realise that the psychiatric profession is just an obstruction to surgery with arbitrary rules that are not based on any science just their own personal opinion.

If you are true transsexual and got the bi-polar transvestite that works for the NHS then you really are in trouble assuming he doesn’t fancy you. LOL

Seriously though you can change sex without a long difficult experience controlled by someone else. It’s only made long and difficult so that the sex change industry can make a lot of money out of the true transsexual providing services that are neither relevant nor needed.

They say they do this to protect you but the reality is we need protection from them.

The State has been very good at denying the true transsexual their human rights but despite their friends from Press for Change conspiring with them to make things as difficult and unpleasant as possible there is now a way to turn the tables on them and use the laws they thought could control us to set ourselves free.

So if you are a true transsexual – just go do it…

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Teresa said...

Totally agree with you on this, Maggie. I am one of the many fortunate 'patients' (I prefer clients - lol) of Dr Curtis's predecessor, Dr Russell Reid. I wasn't prepared to fight the NHS for funding, nor do 2 years 'real life experience' (were the previous years of my life not real?!), so got round it by paying for surgery in Thailand, ironically at much less than it would have cost the NHS to provide the surgery in the UK. I also got much better aftercare than was available here, at that time. Pleased to say I believe you will be in good hands at the Sussex Nuffield. I've visited other GRS patients there, in the past year, and know they were well looked after.
Best wishes