Thursday, 29 January 2009

Pot calls kettle black…

I received an email from Press For Change publicising Christine Burns’s rant against the Equalities and Human Rights Commission asking if it was trying to forget “trans” people?

I think the answer should be Yes for a lot of the “Trans” community as I can’t quite see how the Human Rights or Equalities are compromised for drag queens, hairy panty wearers, cross dressers or transvestites. These are all men who are free to indulge their fantasies if they so wish.

Of course no man should be subject to violence or abuse for any temporary change in gender presentation but I’ve yet to hear or see a list of issues that go outside existing legislation’s ability to protect the individual. I say that as someone who has been directly involved with LBGT. My experience there was that “Trans” is generally misunderstood or defined incorrectly to be true transsexual.

What I do know is whether we are talking “Trans”, transgender or true transsexual none of people assigned the label are mentally ill and it is the psychiatric community that is guilty of an abuse of human rights by treating them as such.

The mess of NHS treatment and the mess of the law itself continue because of this unscientific bogus classification that none of the high profile champions of trans ever challenge. It is total hypocrisy to avoid the confrontation that is needed to effect real and permanent change for both transgender and true transsexual people.

This is Ms Burn’s list of issues and some comments from me.

# set yourself the goals that trans people in Britain should no longer suffer a postcode lottery for funding of the most basic health care provision

Nice but same is true for every other NHS treatment

# commission the most basic of all research – to find out, with a degree of certainty, (a) how many transsexual, transgender and other gender variant people live in the UK; (b) how many require care relating to their gender issues (not just those who present seeking surgery); and (c) how many are not getting that care or suffer unreasonable waiting times or denial of service choice

This looks like a pitch for some work.

# quiz the Royal Colleges on why they have dragged their feet for seven years and have still not published basic standards of care for the UK (they're afraid their discriminatory protocols are unlawful)

Here is a blind acceptance of transgender and transsexual people being mentally ill. All the current NHS policies are unlawful so it would be more beneficial to insist they are all revised against the Mental Capacity Act, Sex Discrimination Act and Gender Recognition Act but starting from the position of declaring what is referred to as true transsexual is an irreversible neurological condition.

# demand to know why there is no published, peer reviewed research on the outcomes of trans care in the UK (and why less than 0.098% of articles recently searched in the Cochrane Library, MEDLINE, EMBASE and PsychINFO relate to UK research on LGB&T health as a whole.)

NIce to know but so what.

# Proactively audit EIA's on PCT commissioning policies at random and use judicial review to overturn cynical discriminatory practice predicated on the above lack of data – a locked in form of institutional discrimination if ever there was a case

I think we agree on this subject to the prior removal of the mental illness classification.

# Take up the case of the UK's backward practice on prescription of hormone blocking treatment of teenage trans people as the travesty of ethics and the Human Rights abuse that it represents

Now this I totally agree with providing it doesn’t enhance the role of the psychiatrist or psychologist or psychosexual therapists.

# Ensure that all police forces are monitoring transphobic hate crime.


# Put transphobic bullying in schools into the educational vocabulary


# Actively investigate the reasons why trans people are living on benefits and why those in work are known to be paid several grades below their capability.


# Criticise media organisations when their editors still persist in allowing transphobic language to air (especially from comics of dubious talent).

Hummmm censorship?

# Investigate and report on why the trans community's tiny support and advocacy organisations are close to collapse – their leaders physically and spiritually exhausted after nearly 20 years of voluntary work.

Well actually I think it’s time for a change of the guard as they say. A lot of the problems transgender and transsexual people face are a direct result of bad law and misrepresentation influenced by Press For Change and others who make a living from Trans politics.

You can read Ms Burn’s article at:

I predict no real change but possibly some nice expenses or a research commission to keep the Trans activists happy meanwhile the NHS and others will continue their abusive ways unless they are confronted by other gender guerrillas like myself who are prepared to use the law to achieve their aims.

Now here is the Equalities Human Rights Commission response to Ms Burns.

I¹m sorry to hear that there has sometimes been a delay in your being reimbursed for travel expenses incurred when contributing to Commission consultations. The Commission strives to provide genuine opportunities for stakeholders to engage with us on our developing strategies and policies. We recognise that many of our stakeholders are not well funded, so we try and balance that with our duty to consult. We are currently developing our policy on paying expenses for attending Commission events, which will be designed to ensure that people aren¹t excluded from contributing to the Commission¹s work on the grounds of cost. However, as a publicly funded organisation with limited resources, we unfortunately do not have the scope to offer payments for people¹s time.

Oh dear poor old Ms Burns isn't going to get paid for her support of the mental illness classification of transgender and transsexual people though she'll still get her expenses as an unaccountable self interest lobbyist.

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