Thursday, 1 January 2009

Just a second…

2008 gave us an extra second of measured time a global adjustment to ensure the sun shines during the day not the night. (Well we would eventually get to that point if no adjustments were made). They adjusted “Big Ben” by taking off some old style pennies they use to regulate time and the Atomic Clock run by someone nicknamed “The Time Lord” gave us an extra pip. I didn’t notice my own time signal controlled clock getting very excited but then I was watching fireworks from my living room window.

I can’t get too excited by New Year these days it’s just a number designated by Julius Caesar in 45 BC but it seems to give a lot of people pleasure so that can’t be all bad.

I don’t do resolutions either. I found an article by chance saying failing to keep New Year resolutions made people depressed. That’s the psychiatrist from the HM Government Department of the Blindingly Obvious at work again. They do so much good.

On the financial news I loved this statement about the economic downturn and the prospect of millions of unemployed from the Chairman of Citigroup who said his industry was "partly to blame" and some within it did feel "remorse". One of Citigroup's Wall Street rivals, Goldman Sachs, has cut its pay bill by half this year, although its 30,000 employees still earned an average of £250,000. So that’s OK then.

Elsewhere Slovakia has become the 16th member of the eurozone - the second former communist country to join the grouping but I’m pleased to say in England 71% of people would vote against Britain joining the euro if it was put to a referendum. There’s hope for us all yet.

Everyone has done their reviews of the year 2008 so I thought I’d do the same for mine: I’ve selected one article I wrote in each month. It’s all a bit arbitrary really as I can summarise the year as an on-going battle for truth and justice:

Here we go, all these are headings from articles in this blog:

January: Winning or Losing? Who knows? And do I care anymore?

February: I don’t understand what gender dysphoria is and I have no intention of finding out! Being transgender is not a mental illness.

March: The Gender Recognition Panel has reached a decision on your application. Your Gender Recognition Certificate numbered GRF ****** is enclosed.

April: Bit of a day and more to come… Contains my application for funding for surgery and the legal & medical case.

May: Protection for transsexual people in goods & services...

June: Onwards to the LBGT Trades Union Conference

July: I’m now a gender guerrilla…

August: Give children their rights…

September: How to get surgery from the NHS and avoid the charlatan gender psychiatrists.

October: I didn’t write in this blog but I moved to Manchester and got a P45 through the post from my now former employer. I can’t say more for legal reasons.

November: The world would be a better place if women were in charge…

December: Try Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity…

So where to in 2009?

I simply don’t know.

If I’m optimistic then a lot of issues could be resolved in my favour though I expect there will be plenty of twists and turns.

I’ll continue to do the little I can for the future transsexuals of this world though currently things look bleak as the bigoted charlatans of the world of psychiatry attempt to consolidate their financial interests.

Until we abolish the mental illness classification of what is a physical condition we cannot gain the recognition of the surgical correction of gender for what it is – a change of sex.

It is a shameful indictment of English society that a transsexual child born today faces the same bigotry and prejudice of 50 years ago when we have the puberty delaying drugs that could make life so much better for that individual.

So the fight goes on…

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