Wednesday, 14 January 2009

It’s my birthday…

I’ve just completed 59 years on this planet. I don’t lie about my age anymore. It’s been an interesting life and I’d love another if such a thing were possible well maybe it is LOL

Anyway I don’t feel this one is used up and I look forward to my year ahead far more than I did this time last year. I may have less materially but I have rid myself of the attentions of the bigots of my former workplace in Uttoxeter.

I was reminded yesterday of how much better my new life is here in Manchester when I went out in the sunshine to do some food shopping. As opposed to a torrent of abuse I got teased by one of the local drunks who was determined to get a kiss off me. He settled for a kiss off an older lady before hopping on the bus. That was the only incident if you can call it one.

Anyway today I got a really funny card from my ex – Chris and a hamper of goodies. I also got a card and a cheque from her Mum & Dad. They have all been incredibility supportive and I owe them an awful lot.

I now bake my own bread and one item in the hamper was focaccia mix so that’s getting made as I have Italian olive oil. I’m getting well into using the bread making machine and nothing beats waking up to the smell of a new loaf it’s so therapeutic. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best ones.

I did toy with the idea of a night out but as it’s midweek I don’t want the cost of a taxi when I can get a low cost late night bus on a Friday & Saturday. If there’d been a really good band on in the Northern Quarter then maybe I’d have changed my mind but it’s also TV night in the Village and I can do without aspects of that. I’ve instead got in some mussels and a fantastic bottle of Italian red wine. I’m going to an Italian restaurant on Saturday so I’ll make that my official birthday bash LOL

Notice the Italian theme here LOL Well I love Italy and could easily make it my home. Any offers?

Now where are those chocolates? – Well it is my birthday…

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