Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Watch out there’s a Nazi about…

In this season of goodwill it is important for Catholics to be reminded that this goodwill only applies to heterosexual males and females.

The Nazi in a skirt (sorry robes) has just reminded his faithful that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour was as important as protecting the environment.

The former enthusiastic member of the Hitler Youth now known as Pope Benedict said it was not "out-of-date metaphysics" to "speak of human nature as 'man' or woman'", he said. It came from the "language of creation, despising which would mean self-destruction for humans".

Gender theories, he said, led to man's "auto-emancipation" from creation and Creator.

I suppose this is a slight improvement on the former Catholic Church views that the world is flat or that all the heavenly bodies resolve around the Earth but it is still a stunning example of religious bigotry ignoring science.

I find it incredible that this man can claim to be a Christian and spout such garbage and I say that as Christian.

Jesus Christ was no Nazi believing in the purity and superiority of a single race or group but the Catholic Church developed to enhance the power of the state over the individual has plenty in common with Nazism. But then history teaches us that, well the bits they’ve not spun into myths to protect their good name.

Creation was not as simple as male and female obviously with the superior male and the wife as a possession. Our muslim friends also need a strong reminder of that fact.

Evolution and the concept of God are not conflicts just a test of your ability to reason and deduce based on repeatable measurement. As a scientist you ignore the aspect of faith at your peril and without faith then some measurable results are meaningless. Whether you believe faith equals God is down to your interpretation of Relativity.

To define sex or gender as binary is a direct conflict with the evidence of the Laws of Nature.

The Pope is at best a fool at worse an unreformed Nazi…

Maggie Fiona Fox was baptised by total immersion at the age of18 but no longer subscribes to any organised chapel or church.

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