Thursday, 4 December 2008

A victory for the people…

Today the European Court of Human Rights voted unanimously to find HM Government guilty of another breach of human rights.

It is a sad reflection on today’s elected parliamentarians that this ever came about. Whatever happened to statesmen of principle? Oh I forgot the capitalists bought them.

Today’s victory for the people was to stop our state retaining the fingerprints and DNA records of people who have been arrested but not charged or convicted of any crime. The judges ruled that this retention of personal data could not be regarded as necessary in a democratic society.

Of course the Labour fascists who are in power couldn’t just accept this ruling.

Our Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, stated "The existing law will remain in place while we carefully consider the judgement." and amazingly claims the DNA profile from people who are not convicted may sometimes be linked to later offences, so storing the details on the database is a proportionate response to tackling crime.

She should resign for that!

There of course may be other Government resignations to come.

The absolute right of a constituent to secrecy in dealings with a Member of Parliament has been breached by the recent search of Damian Green’s office in the Houses of Parliament allowed by the Speaker of the House without warrant.

It is a major breach of our Parliamentary Democracy. Damian Green’s arrest by the Police is a political act no matter how much Gordon Brown and the Speaker denies it.

It is an attack by HM Government establishment against the ordinary citizen for “whistle blowing” and exposing the hypocrisy and deceit by the people we elect to represent us.

Any conversation or document passed by a citizen to a Member of Parliament must be considered privileged information and not available to the police.

I trust that all true parliamentarians of whatever political party expose the corruption and deceit behind the police decision to take action. This exploit smells of the evil Baron Mandelson of Foy and Hartlepool and his form of bullying political actions. I sincerely hope investigations lead back to him.

At a time when capitalism is being exposed for it’s greed it is vital that the citizen’s rights and the privileges of our parliamentary democracy stay intact. Capitalism, which needs growth to survive maybe dying as we speak, but that article is for another day.

Today we should celebrate a small victory for the rights of the individual over the state – POWER TO THE PEOPLE…

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