Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Update on Manchester PCT

The letter of 8 December in this blog has not been sent as my GP has received an email essentially saying that a standard pathway response letter was sent, as they hadn’t received the documents we submitted.

We had sent them the approval of surgery letter from South Staffordshire and the appeal letter that achieved it. Manchester PCT is now reviewing the documents.

I trust that common sense will prevail as I think it would be a gross waste of public funds to try to enforce the PCT current policy. I am confident that we have overwhelming legal arguments.

What I find surprising is that in the NHS that is always complaining about funding people can’t grasp that the transition method I advocate saves the Health Service money.

There is no clinical or financial reason not to move the care of transgender and transsexual people from the Gender Identity Clinics (that belong in the last century) and make it a GP managed condition with specialist services called in by agreement with the patient and only if the patient wants them.

A rigid psychiatrist controlled pathway is an affront to (if not a breach of) basic human rights and is now illegal but still the bigots argue it must continue.

It is an affront to a civilised society that an unaccountable, unelected Caucasian heterosexual group in the USA, with no personal experience of transition, can decide what or what isn’t a mental illness and we who are fortunate to live in the mother of democracy go along with it.

It is time make a major change in England starting in Manchester to abolish the mental illness classification and close the Gender Identity Clinics and consign both to the dustbin of history where they belong.

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