Sunday, 7 December 2008

Try Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity…

I am indebted to my friends across the Atlantic for exposing the evil game that the Psychiatrists in charge of the revision of the Bible of Psychiatry the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders are playing.

Their latest wheeze is to prepare the addition into DSM V the Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID). The severely disturbed individuals who experience a strong desire for the removal of healthy limbs have hijacked the wording of Gender Dysphoria to justify their perversion.

I’ve never met someone with this condition so I have to take the psychiatrists word for it that they do exist and that many of them see their condition as a sexual fetish.

The Psychiatrists who believe that true transsexuals are driven by perverted sexual fetish have of course seized on this to explain the desire for genital surgery.

This is the most ridiculous perverted unscientific rubbish spouted by a predominately Caucasian group of heterosexual males. I think standing and chanting “You are mad and you know you are” might make more sense.

The problem with Psychiatrists is that they have no grasp of the fundamentals of science or scientific evidence based proof. I doubt any of them have anything but the most basic scientific qualification.

They all need to stop and think and understand this:

Einstein visualized gravity as a manifestation of the curvature of space-time - the three space dimensions and a fourth time dimension.

Most of us cannot visualize a curvature of four dimensional space-time, so visualize a curved two dimensional rubber sheet. Placing a mass on the rubber sheet curves it downward like space-time curves in the presence of a mass. On such a rubber sheet a small mass can circle around the curvature produced by a large mass, just as planets orbit the Sun. Or a mass can roll straight downward just as an object falls to the Earth.

General relativity is based on the principle of equivalence. The two statements of this principle are logically equivalent; either statement can be used to prove the other.

Got it?

Now lets start with:

There are no absolutes in nature

Sex and gender are ranges not absolutes.

Sexuality is not defined by sex or gender.

No type of sexuality is a mental illness.

People can make a fetish out of anything.

The sex of the brain is determined in the womb.

The sex of the body is determined in the womb.

At birth the child knows if the sex of the brain and the body are congruent.

Then relativity steps in:

Exposure to human society determines when any incongruence is manifested.

An individual with mild incongruence may just exhibit cross gender characteristics.

No matter how hard a true transsexual tries to live with the incongruence there comes a time when they must change sex.


True transsexual people accepting the appallingly low standards of surgical transformation do everything they can to bring their bodies a close as possible into alignment with the sex of their mind.

I nearly typed the word soul there but if you do not believe in God then mind is probably an easier concept.

There are no certainties or absolutes in nature or in life.

Try reading and understanding Chaos Theory and Randomness.

Chaotic systems are unstable since they tend not to resist any outside disturbances but instead react in significant ways. In other words, they do not shrug off external influences but are partly navigated by them.

The falling leaf or the flapping flag - should be allowed to qualify as chaos, as long as they would continue to appear random even if any true randomness could somehow be eliminated.

What this means is when we make slight changes to a system at one time, and the later behaviour of the system may soon become completely different.

Got it?

What this means is that:

Every human being is unique

There is no valid psychiatric theory for the true transsexual

No psychiatrist can change a true transsexual

If you have psychiatrists at gatekeepers to surgery they will be told what they want to hear to gain access.

I’m getting bored now!

The point I make is that no psychiatric mental illness classification will stand up to any scientific evaluation.

All DSM IV and DSM V will prove is that the world ordered by these medical charlatans is false and bears no resemblance to the real world or put in language these fools can understand.

We’re not mad and we know we’re not!

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Ms Maggie Fiona Fox has a B.Sc. (Eng) in Nuclear Engineering from Queen Mary College, University of London.

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