Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Some Progress…

In a recent email from my GP the PCT stated:

“We wrote to South Staffordshire PCT last week and are awaiting a response from them due to the timescale of them agreeing funding and Ms. Fox transferring over the NHS Manchester.”

I asked my GP to get an explanation of this and today I got a response:

We have asked South Staffs PCT if they would be willing to honour their agreement to fund this request given that they only agreed to do so very recently. If not, and given the circumstances the request would be reviewed within our Effective Use of Resources process.

I’ll translate that for you:

It means that Manchester PCT are not disputing the authorisation of my surgery at Sussex Nuffield just who should pay.

If South Staffordshire PCT says we’re not paying to Manchester PCT then the issue becomes one of cost effectiveness.

This shows that we have overwhelming legal arguments in terms of provision of surgery and choice. We can also very simply show that the add on cost of Charring Cross GIC process is more expensive. Cost an unknown number of visits to two psychiatrists at the GIC compared to a one-hour session (with the former head of Charring Cross) to establish informed consent. Lets see our method £160 theirs £ thousands. Not really a contest is it?

I’m not breaking out the champagne yet but I will be in the New Year!

I’m not stopping my campaign though with my personal victory and I won’t rest until in Manchester at least we have a science based non-psychiatric approach to changing sex in place.

I didn’t run away from the issues of South Staffordshire I just made certain it didn’t cost me my life. If South Staffordshire PCT has any morals they will pay the bill but some members of the PCT there showed little other than extreme bigotry in the past.

Now on the subject of money I’ve had my GP confirm that she’s returned the report in support of my claim for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and I had a call from a nice lady at the Benefits Office saying I’d receive a decision by the end of February.

This non means tested financial support would help me enormously as I try to rebuild my life after the damage done in Uttoxeter. I want to work but reluctantly accept that for the time being that’s not easily achieved but I am determined to do something even with the added complication of recovering from major surgery.

Once the residual stress is out of the way then I know I can still play a useful role in society, I have a lot of skills and expert knowledge in many areas to offer an employer than can see past the unholy trinity of sex, disability and age discrimination.

I’m pleased to say that the respite from the core pain of Ankylosing Spondylitis continues with the antibiotics though my shoulders still give me discomfort. A friend of mine asked if I was worried this remission would affect my DLA claim but the answer is no as Ankylosing Spondylitis damage cannot be undone and it is the permanent disability that the claim is based on.

So I think I’d better thank my guardian Angel for looking after me again. It just goes to show that my belief in love, truth and justice is not misplaced though it’s often tested to its limit.

I’ve always believed two simple truths that God is Love and that the Kingdom of God is within you. As we approach Christmas I hope people realise that it is not the celebration of material worth that counts it is the celebration of the triumph of good over evil that matters.

It is up to all of us not to just to limit our activities to that which helps ourselves but to help others whenever we can.

Enjoy your build up to Christmas and do one little thing for someone else…

Oh this was the sign I got of friends in high places LOL

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