Friday, 26 December 2008

The meaning of life is between Zero & One…

Computers work on the basis of “On” & “Off” a switch where you chose “On” to be 1 and “Off” to be 0. So you can count in what we call binary and replicate our written numbers.

Easy? Yes.

Well No actually because we are simplifying the state between Zero and One.

We can divide between numbers to create steps that we call fractions or decimals but the same problem occurs.

Stop and think when is Zero an absolute?

OK we can measure temperature and define an absolute zero as a point when everything freezes but how do we measure absolute mathematical zero?

And does it exist?

At the other end of the scale we say that numbers go to on to Infinity but that has a flaw in that we have not established Zero in the first place. I always smiled at University when the lecturer wrote a complex mathematical equation that was valid from Zero to Infinity.

Better still is a mathematical proof that is valid from Infinity to Infinity. Now that can really get your brain turning over.

Try True and False on the same basis.

You have to come back to defining Zero and One and deciding on the probability of it being nearer Zero or One to decide between one state and another.

But what if Zero doesn’t exist?

What differentiates mankind from machines is that we can recognise the limitations and the absurdity of a simplistic Zero and One state and it is that difference that defines life.

So when I say that Male and Female are not absolute states then I know there is no scientific proof that can dismiss this truth.

Yesterday On Christmas day I had a long telephone conversation with one of my true transsexual heroines. She rang me, which was a surprise as she is an atheist and also a Marxist compared to me being a Christian and an Anarchist.

The reality is we have an awful lot in common because both of us live in the world between Zero and One and understand that we do.

So next time you think in absolute terms about Sex, Gender, Sexuality, Nature or Nurture or any other matter remember the answer is not a tick box True or False, Yes or No or even “Prefer Not to Say” it’s all a lot more complex than that

And that is the beauty and meaning of life itself…

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