Sunday, 14 December 2008

Bad and good news...

I went to Manchester Dental Hospital yesterday, I know Saturday it wasn’t a mistake. LOL

I had a full dental x-ray and a long discussion with the Consultant in the Prosthodontics Department. He was very good.

I found the dental hospital OK though it’s not the most obvious place to spot in a steamed up bus but I’d memorised the number of roads past the elevated Mancunian Way from Google Earth. I didn’t rely on the images though as the pictures seem to be years out of date. Now there’s a thought for a new application (last pass) real time imaging from satellite to your mobile and a bleep when you are within 200m to tell you to stop the bus but never mind we have SatNav that did guide my best friend to parts of Manchester that I’ve never seen before when she set it for my postcode. But I digress.

The administration at the dental hospital was fast and pleasant and I was treated courteously. The full dental X-ray was an experience getting my head into it so that it could revolve was not easy. The assumption being that you can hold your back straight, something I can’t do but we got there, the light shining down my nose was essential to getting into position. Then I had to grip the film with my teeth and the nurse said imagine you’re sucking on something at which I had to laugh so we had to set up again. Still we got it done.

Then came the consultation and it was a mixture of bad and good news. The bone loss is massive such that having an implant could cause severe problems with my jaw. Quote the consultant “even if you win the lottery tonight and have unlimited funds I wouldn’t recommend it”. The severe peritonitis has taken its toll though some of the teeth whilst root exposed are as solid as a rock (that’s the good news).

Both my Ankylosing Spondylitis and my periodontal disease indicate problems with my immune system and are both most likely hereditary. Given the worsening effect of steroids I stood little chance not that that’s much consolation.

I need one tooth extracted and a further filling and he’s booked me two hospital hygienist appointments before he’ll see me again and probably discharge me back to my dentists care. We discussed the non-availability of sedation but there is no reason why the numbing injections used for general dental work can’t be used.

I must admit I felt much more comfortable and less anxious at the Hospital and the range of adjustment available in the chair made it a lot easier for me.

I went for a look at the Fender and Gibson guitars afterwards in the Piccadilly shop as I was in the City centre and then a quick drink in one of the pubs I know. I didn’t feel totally at ease though but I thought I’d use my all day travel card for a trip back later. So I went home and fed Tilley cat and myself.

I’d had to take my cross off for the x-ray and the radiologist had helped me put it back on but unfortunately the wrong way round (one side is diamond cut so it shines) so I though I’ll swap it around but try as I may I couldn’t do it and I ended up breaking the ring on the chain. That upset me a bit so I decided to hit the night out on the head.

I’ve lived in Manchester now over 10 weeks but I’ve not ventured out once for a night out. I’ve become a recluse and I can’t seem to break out of it. The damage done to me by the forced social exclusion of Uttoxeter has left me a shadow of my former self. OK losing the tooth hasn’t exactly helped my self esteem but I’ll get a false one now I know it’s the only option. I know however that doing that isn’t enough.

If you don’t have Ankylosing Spondylitis it’s very difficult to understand the total debilitating nature of the unrelenting pain when the disease is in an active phase as it is again with me. I know why it’s active and whilst I’ve “escaped” some of the stress that caused it to reactivate getting it to switch off again is not easy and the non-availability on the NHS of the drug (Phenylbutazone) that can stop it doesn’t help one bit.

I think I need more discussion with my GP …

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