Monday, 1 December 2008

And so here we go again…

Before I moved to Manchester my gender specialist warned me that some of the Manchester PCT could be “difficult”.

So I wasn’t surprised when my new Manchester GP said something very similar.

What I didn’t expect was that my legal status would again be totally ignored and that Manchester PCT would have a policy that is even more prejudiced and discriminatory that South Staffordshire PCT and that takes some doing! LOL

My GP wrote a lovely letter about me outlining my case to the Contracting and Commissioning Support Officer and clearly making a request for funding for surgery and enclosing the appeal document and the approval for surgery from Staffordshire PCT.

However what did we get back from the Resource Utilisation Support Officer but a standard you must go to Charing Cross Hospital letter in the same vein as Staffordshire PCT first attempt to fob me off.

It outlined the Manchester PCT pathway that starts with a referral to the Psychosexual Service at Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust.

Now I have known for some time that a senior member of Press For Change has been advising Manchester but this total sacrifice of true transsexuals on the altar of sexual deviancy is beyond belief.

For those that don’t know Psychosexual Services deal with amongst other things Violent Sexual Dysfunction, Paedophiles, Bestiality, Necrophilia, and Sadomasochistic Disorder.

What has a true transsexual in common with these sexual deviancies you may well ask?

Well there are two other Psychosexual Conditions that are less well publicised they are Homosexual Disorder and Self Mutilation Disorder.

Yes you read right they still treat homosexuals as mentally ill and they believe gender reassignment is a form of body mutilation.

Manchester PCT should be utterly ashamed of holding such a bigoted prejudicial position and must be taken to task on this.

There is no justification whatsoever in sending any true transsexual to see a Psychosexual Service.

This is what comes from grouping true transsexuals in with transvestic fetishists who are after a bit of “mild” feminisation through hormones but have no intention whatsoever of ever having surgery.

You won’t find any of this on an NHS web site but here is an excerpt from one that has yet to be pulled but rather gives the game away.

Symptoms common: These define all psychosexual disorders.

Patient unable to experience sexual arousal in normal conditions with adult members of the opposite sex.
Patient able to experience sexual arousal in abnormal conditions not natural to the sexual urges of healthy humans.
Patient may frequently be in denial of need for treatment. This is a classic symptom.
Patient may have persecution complex, believing that treatment is persecution for his difference.
Patient may be easily offended by descriptions or questions regarding his condition or activities.
Patient may have little or no contact with family members.

Homosexual Disorder

Patient is aroused by others of patient's own gender.
Patient may have unnatural attachments to one parent.
Patient may have inability to maintain relationships with others.
Patient may have need for multiple partners.
Patient may be aroused by sexual contact with strangers.
Patient may be aroused by contact with other's body fluids, urine, or excrement.
Patient may be aroused by consumption of other's body fluids, urine, or excrement.
Patient may be aroused by thoughts of cannibalism.
Patient may have fantasies of sexual control of others of patient's gender.
Patient may be aroused by encounters that risk infection or injury.
Patients suffering homosexual disorder also commonly suffer from other psychosexual sexual disorders.
Patient may have record of criminal sexual involving children or sodomy.

Taken from

The biggest “joke” in the letter in Manchester PCT was saying that the Psychosexual Service has been suspended due to lack of staff! Don’t tell me they are having difficulty finding qualified bigots to perpetuate these obnoxious myths of Gender Dysphoria and Psychosexual deviancy?

I’ll pursue my personal case and win through the courts if necessary but now I know the obnoxious policy facing true transsexuals starting out in Manchester I intend to give Manchester PCT some serious grief via

It is time for all true transsexuals to say enough is enough to the NHS and force them to cease their obnoxious practices.

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