Friday, 26 December 2008

The meaning of life is between Zero & One…

Computers work on the basis of “On” & “Off” a switch where you chose “On” to be 1 and “Off” to be 0. So you can count in what we call binary and replicate our written numbers.

Easy? Yes.

Well No actually because we are simplifying the state between Zero and One.

We can divide between numbers to create steps that we call fractions or decimals but the same problem occurs.

Stop and think when is Zero an absolute?

OK we can measure temperature and define an absolute zero as a point when everything freezes but how do we measure absolute mathematical zero?

And does it exist?

At the other end of the scale we say that numbers go to on to Infinity but that has a flaw in that we have not established Zero in the first place. I always smiled at University when the lecturer wrote a complex mathematical equation that was valid from Zero to Infinity.

Better still is a mathematical proof that is valid from Infinity to Infinity. Now that can really get your brain turning over.

Try True and False on the same basis.

You have to come back to defining Zero and One and deciding on the probability of it being nearer Zero or One to decide between one state and another.

But what if Zero doesn’t exist?

What differentiates mankind from machines is that we can recognise the limitations and the absurdity of a simplistic Zero and One state and it is that difference that defines life.

So when I say that Male and Female are not absolute states then I know there is no scientific proof that can dismiss this truth.

Yesterday On Christmas day I had a long telephone conversation with one of my true transsexual heroines. She rang me, which was a surprise as she is an atheist and also a Marxist compared to me being a Christian and an Anarchist.

The reality is we have an awful lot in common because both of us live in the world between Zero and One and understand that we do.

So next time you think in absolute terms about Sex, Gender, Sexuality, Nature or Nurture or any other matter remember the answer is not a tick box True or False, Yes or No or even “Prefer Not to Say” it’s all a lot more complex than that

And that is the beauty and meaning of life itself…

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Watch out there’s a Nazi about…

In this season of goodwill it is important for Catholics to be reminded that this goodwill only applies to heterosexual males and females.

The Nazi in a skirt (sorry robes) has just reminded his faithful that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour was as important as protecting the environment.

The former enthusiastic member of the Hitler Youth now known as Pope Benedict said it was not "out-of-date metaphysics" to "speak of human nature as 'man' or woman'", he said. It came from the "language of creation, despising which would mean self-destruction for humans".

Gender theories, he said, led to man's "auto-emancipation" from creation and Creator.

I suppose this is a slight improvement on the former Catholic Church views that the world is flat or that all the heavenly bodies resolve around the Earth but it is still a stunning example of religious bigotry ignoring science.

I find it incredible that this man can claim to be a Christian and spout such garbage and I say that as Christian.

Jesus Christ was no Nazi believing in the purity and superiority of a single race or group but the Catholic Church developed to enhance the power of the state over the individual has plenty in common with Nazism. But then history teaches us that, well the bits they’ve not spun into myths to protect their good name.

Creation was not as simple as male and female obviously with the superior male and the wife as a possession. Our muslim friends also need a strong reminder of that fact.

Evolution and the concept of God are not conflicts just a test of your ability to reason and deduce based on repeatable measurement. As a scientist you ignore the aspect of faith at your peril and without faith then some measurable results are meaningless. Whether you believe faith equals God is down to your interpretation of Relativity.

To define sex or gender as binary is a direct conflict with the evidence of the Laws of Nature.

The Pope is at best a fool at worse an unreformed Nazi…

Maggie Fiona Fox was baptised by total immersion at the age of18 but no longer subscribes to any organised chapel or church.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Some images from 2008

As I hope not an unreasonable word-smith I have always believed the written word to be all powerful though perhaps I may be assuming the arrogance of education.

Anyway these images meant something to me in 2008 and I'll start with Merry Christmas.

I like that image as the Penguins look like they are about to escape the Santa suits.

I'm not a big one for keeping animals in captivity or training them as circus performers but the expression on this Walrus is a classic. I'm sure my hero the late great John Lennon would have approved Goo Goo A Choo!

This is what I consider the scariest picture of 2008 showing a muslim lady suicide bomber. It has a certain irony as she uses the technology of the infidel she so misunderstands. She is blind to the control and manipulation of men that brought her to this stage.

2008 was a year of change for me moving at last to Manchester I had no hesitation in moving as this is the view from my living room window.

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled transsexuals yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your bigoted towns.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Thank you Manchester.

Apologies to Emma Lazarus.

I'll close this post with one of the most iconic images of all time, the one that inspired me to become an engineer 2009 will be the 150th anniversary of his passing. I think the picture is so cool even now with hands in pocket, dirt on shoes and an expression that says it all in terms of directing others. Genius never dies.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806 - 1859)

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Some Progress…

In a recent email from my GP the PCT stated:

“We wrote to South Staffordshire PCT last week and are awaiting a response from them due to the timescale of them agreeing funding and Ms. Fox transferring over the NHS Manchester.”

I asked my GP to get an explanation of this and today I got a response:

We have asked South Staffs PCT if they would be willing to honour their agreement to fund this request given that they only agreed to do so very recently. If not, and given the circumstances the request would be reviewed within our Effective Use of Resources process.

I’ll translate that for you:

It means that Manchester PCT are not disputing the authorisation of my surgery at Sussex Nuffield just who should pay.

If South Staffordshire PCT says we’re not paying to Manchester PCT then the issue becomes one of cost effectiveness.

This shows that we have overwhelming legal arguments in terms of provision of surgery and choice. We can also very simply show that the add on cost of Charring Cross GIC process is more expensive. Cost an unknown number of visits to two psychiatrists at the GIC compared to a one-hour session (with the former head of Charring Cross) to establish informed consent. Lets see our method £160 theirs £ thousands. Not really a contest is it?

I’m not breaking out the champagne yet but I will be in the New Year!

I’m not stopping my campaign though with my personal victory and I won’t rest until in Manchester at least we have a science based non-psychiatric approach to changing sex in place.

I didn’t run away from the issues of South Staffordshire I just made certain it didn’t cost me my life. If South Staffordshire PCT has any morals they will pay the bill but some members of the PCT there showed little other than extreme bigotry in the past.

Now on the subject of money I’ve had my GP confirm that she’s returned the report in support of my claim for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and I had a call from a nice lady at the Benefits Office saying I’d receive a decision by the end of February.

This non means tested financial support would help me enormously as I try to rebuild my life after the damage done in Uttoxeter. I want to work but reluctantly accept that for the time being that’s not easily achieved but I am determined to do something even with the added complication of recovering from major surgery.

Once the residual stress is out of the way then I know I can still play a useful role in society, I have a lot of skills and expert knowledge in many areas to offer an employer than can see past the unholy trinity of sex, disability and age discrimination.

I’m pleased to say that the respite from the core pain of Ankylosing Spondylitis continues with the antibiotics though my shoulders still give me discomfort. A friend of mine asked if I was worried this remission would affect my DLA claim but the answer is no as Ankylosing Spondylitis damage cannot be undone and it is the permanent disability that the claim is based on.

So I think I’d better thank my guardian Angel for looking after me again. It just goes to show that my belief in love, truth and justice is not misplaced though it’s often tested to its limit.

I’ve always believed two simple truths that God is Love and that the Kingdom of God is within you. As we approach Christmas I hope people realise that it is not the celebration of material worth that counts it is the celebration of the triumph of good over evil that matters.

It is up to all of us not to just to limit our activities to that which helps ourselves but to help others whenever we can.

Enjoy your build up to Christmas and do one little thing for someone else…

Oh this was the sign I got of friends in high places LOL

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Side effects that I might want…

Woke up yesterday doing a good impression of a hamster with food in its mouth pouch. My right jaw had swollen badly. It wasn’t a complete surprise as that’s where I need a crowned tooth extracted and the Consultant at the Dental hospital had probed it.

It has happened before and liberal applications of t-tree oil had sorted it so I wasn’t that concerned. I had planned to chase my dentist up over the provision of a false tooth and managed to get a cancelled appointment with another dentist at the practice as mine is off sick.

I got well told off about the swelling and not seeking treatment (like not going to A&E) including a lecture about how the swelling could block airways if it spreads down your neck. So I got a course of antibiotics prescribed there and then. The extraction is postponed until the swelling goes and I have an appointment booked to start the 4 week process of getting a false tooth.

The anti-biotic I’ve been prescribed is Metronidazole allegedly a strong one.

The dentist took ages checking drug interactions with the cocktail of drugs I live on!

When I looked it up I found it obviously used for dental infections but interestingly gynaecological infections, infected leg ulcers and pressure sores and Helicobacter pylori (a bacterium which causes inflammation and ulcers in the stomach).

But what caught my eye was this:

Anaerobic bacteria cause infections in areas of the body such as the gums, pelvic cavity, gut and bones because they do not need oxygen to grow and multiply. Metronidazole works by killing anaerobic bacteria in the body.

Now for the first time for nearly two years I awoke with no pain in the base of my spine and feeling less stiff. Coincidence or what?

It will be interesting to see if the symptoms I’ve suffered from return after I complete the course of antibiotics. Is this the catalyst I needed to put my Ankylosing Spondylitis back into remission? I pray it is.

I’m very cynical about the medical profession (in case you not noticed) in terms of treatment pathways that are regurgitated forever regardless of their clinical validity.

What I know about my body is that that I have an abnormal auto-immune system sending the wrong signal to my ligaments causing them to calcify and currently no drug other than the now banned Phenylbutazone worked for me.

But what if anaerobic bacteria carry the signal and Phenylbutazone unlike the other NASAIDs has the ability to kill anaerobic bacteria? Every one accepts Phenylbutazone works within the bone to stop inflammation but maybe in 1 in 1000,000 cases goes too far and destroys white blood cell production hence it’s withdrawal from human use.

All I know is that I am very sensitive to changes in my body and this side effect may be one I really want.

Oh by the way the swelling in my jaw has reduced as well LOL…

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Bad and good news...

I went to Manchester Dental Hospital yesterday, I know Saturday it wasn’t a mistake. LOL

I had a full dental x-ray and a long discussion with the Consultant in the Prosthodontics Department. He was very good.

I found the dental hospital OK though it’s not the most obvious place to spot in a steamed up bus but I’d memorised the number of roads past the elevated Mancunian Way from Google Earth. I didn’t rely on the images though as the pictures seem to be years out of date. Now there’s a thought for a new application (last pass) real time imaging from satellite to your mobile and a bleep when you are within 200m to tell you to stop the bus but never mind we have SatNav that did guide my best friend to parts of Manchester that I’ve never seen before when she set it for my postcode. But I digress.

The administration at the dental hospital was fast and pleasant and I was treated courteously. The full dental X-ray was an experience getting my head into it so that it could revolve was not easy. The assumption being that you can hold your back straight, something I can’t do but we got there, the light shining down my nose was essential to getting into position. Then I had to grip the film with my teeth and the nurse said imagine you’re sucking on something at which I had to laugh so we had to set up again. Still we got it done.

Then came the consultation and it was a mixture of bad and good news. The bone loss is massive such that having an implant could cause severe problems with my jaw. Quote the consultant “even if you win the lottery tonight and have unlimited funds I wouldn’t recommend it”. The severe peritonitis has taken its toll though some of the teeth whilst root exposed are as solid as a rock (that’s the good news).

Both my Ankylosing Spondylitis and my periodontal disease indicate problems with my immune system and are both most likely hereditary. Given the worsening effect of steroids I stood little chance not that that’s much consolation.

I need one tooth extracted and a further filling and he’s booked me two hospital hygienist appointments before he’ll see me again and probably discharge me back to my dentists care. We discussed the non-availability of sedation but there is no reason why the numbing injections used for general dental work can’t be used.

I must admit I felt much more comfortable and less anxious at the Hospital and the range of adjustment available in the chair made it a lot easier for me.

I went for a look at the Fender and Gibson guitars afterwards in the Piccadilly shop as I was in the City centre and then a quick drink in one of the pubs I know. I didn’t feel totally at ease though but I thought I’d use my all day travel card for a trip back later. So I went home and fed Tilley cat and myself.

I’d had to take my cross off for the x-ray and the radiologist had helped me put it back on but unfortunately the wrong way round (one side is diamond cut so it shines) so I though I’ll swap it around but try as I may I couldn’t do it and I ended up breaking the ring on the chain. That upset me a bit so I decided to hit the night out on the head.

I’ve lived in Manchester now over 10 weeks but I’ve not ventured out once for a night out. I’ve become a recluse and I can’t seem to break out of it. The damage done to me by the forced social exclusion of Uttoxeter has left me a shadow of my former self. OK losing the tooth hasn’t exactly helped my self esteem but I’ll get a false one now I know it’s the only option. I know however that doing that isn’t enough.

If you don’t have Ankylosing Spondylitis it’s very difficult to understand the total debilitating nature of the unrelenting pain when the disease is in an active phase as it is again with me. I know why it’s active and whilst I’ve “escaped” some of the stress that caused it to reactivate getting it to switch off again is not easy and the non-availability on the NHS of the drug (Phenylbutazone) that can stop it doesn’t help one bit.

I think I need more discussion with my GP …

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

More shit from the NHS…

I was discussing the other day how the NHS had become a business run by administrators for the benefit of administrators and that any concept of patient care had evaporated when the Labour Government set waiting lists targets.

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence realises that the overall measure is quality of care and result. The concept of a waiting list is an English disease invented by beaurocrats for the simple reason that there are not enough quality clinical resources available in the NHS.

Little did I expect to become a victim again so soon?

My GP had asked me to go back under the care of a rheumatologist, I agreed though what I actually want is a scan of my shoulder to see if there is broken off calcified ligament as the only treatment for that is surgery.

I had dismissed rheumatology as useless after they withdrew my prescription for phenylbutazone in 2002 when another administrator in the NHS decided a chance of 1 in 100,000 was too high a risk of me dying from the medication even though I’d been on the drug for over 5 years with no side effects whatsoever.

They don’t have an effective alternative so I have to stick the constant pain.

As my GP said I’d be going to North Manchester General Hospital less than half an hour direct bus ride away I agreed (thinking though I bet I’ll have problems getting a scan).

Today I get a hospital appointment sent to me but no not for Manchester but for Rochdale Infirmary at 08:30 am on 31 December 2008. I had to look up where Rochdale is I’ve never been there!

To get there involves 3 buses and a 2-hour journey.

So to make an 8:30 appointment I need to leave at 6:30 latest and pray there are no delays or missed connections.

That would be all if I was not already suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis which is at it’s worse in the mornings such that I need a minimum of 2 hours to get my body in a fit state to travel. So it’s get up at 4:30 am – no way!

I’ve sent a suitable get stuffed email to cancel the appointment and I’ve raised an immediate complaint to PALS.

This is my second complaint to PALS and I only registered as a patient in Manchester on 21 October!

No doubt I’ll get a load of administrative waffle about PCT catchments area and waiting times and capacity but whatever they say I’ll never go to Rochdale even if it costs me my treatment though they aren’t going to get off without a lot of stick from me.

Now on the subject of my first complaint to PALS regular readers may be aware that I complained about refusal of dental treatment by Manchester Dental Hospital.

Today I got an amazing phone call on my mobile from the Consultant to explain the reasons he turned me down. Essentially he says that the Hospital has no facilities for sedation / pain relief so if I want periodontal treatment there it is no different to having it at my dentist.

I find this utterly incredible as treatment for severe periodontal disease includes surgical augmentation treatments such as soft tissue and bone grafts.

Perhaps Manchester Dental Hospital doesn’t do any of this in which case what is the point of this NHS facility?

Or do they do it without anaesthetic? In which case they are a tough lot here in Manchester.

He rather over stressed the fact that I could not get implants on the NHS.

He said that I could have an appointment with him or a colleague for a consultation on treatment options but that he stood by his refusal to treat me.

I’ve taken the appointment option, as it will give me the chance to get an answer to what is the point of the facility and further argue my case for treatment.

Interestingly he totally dismissed a link with my Ankylosing Spondylitis but then he is an English doctor and burdened with a professional jealousy of American research that says there is direct link. I know whom I believe and it isn’t him.

I think it’s again a denial by our wonderful NHS to avoid treatment costs.

Amazingly after this conversation the post arrived with an appointment for me at the Manchester Dental Hospital with the Prosthodontics Department.

If that was the appointment he referred to this was a magic trick worthy of Paul Daniels.

Now Prosthodontics is aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry which includes implants!

But obviously not really in our wonderful NHS.

The appointment was for 9:15 this Saturday but I phoned in and got it changed to 14:15 because of my Ankylosing Spondylitis.

This could be interesting, as I’ve now no idea of what they propose for me?

I sometimes wonder whether there is something on my NHS file that is causing all these problems though maybe I’m seeing conspiracy in the place of good old-fashioned administrative incompetence – time will tell

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Update on Manchester PCT

The letter of 8 December in this blog has not been sent as my GP has received an email essentially saying that a standard pathway response letter was sent, as they hadn’t received the documents we submitted.

We had sent them the approval of surgery letter from South Staffordshire and the appeal letter that achieved it. Manchester PCT is now reviewing the documents.

I trust that common sense will prevail as I think it would be a gross waste of public funds to try to enforce the PCT current policy. I am confident that we have overwhelming legal arguments.

What I find surprising is that in the NHS that is always complaining about funding people can’t grasp that the transition method I advocate saves the Health Service money.

There is no clinical or financial reason not to move the care of transgender and transsexual people from the Gender Identity Clinics (that belong in the last century) and make it a GP managed condition with specialist services called in by agreement with the patient and only if the patient wants them.

A rigid psychiatrist controlled pathway is an affront to (if not a breach of) basic human rights and is now illegal but still the bigots argue it must continue.

It is an affront to a civilised society that an unaccountable, unelected Caucasian heterosexual group in the USA, with no personal experience of transition, can decide what or what isn’t a mental illness and we who are fortunate to live in the mother of democracy go along with it.

It is time make a major change in England starting in Manchester to abolish the mental illness classification and close the Gender Identity Clinics and consign both to the dustbin of history where they belong.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Letter to Manchester PCT

To: XXXX Resources Utilisation Support Officer
Manchester NHS Primary Care Trust Wythenshawe Manchester M23 9LH

Dear Ms XXXX,

My GP, Dr ZZZZ has given me a copy of your letter dated 25 November 2008.

I was disappointed and upset by the PCT’s response and I wish to appeal against this decision, as I believe that the refusal may be unlawful.

Further, I am sure that your insistence that I should follow the PCT’s accepted pathway and the suggestion that I should start the process with a referral by my GP to Manchester Psychosexual Services are unlawful.

The legal environment for treatment and the policy framework of the NHS for transsexual people has moved on significantly. The Gender Recognition Act 2005 and the Mental Capacity Act 2004 are both relevant to the PCT’s accepted pathway and their requirements should be reviewed before a legal challenge is made.

Finally, the PCT’s accepted pathway appears to be discriminatory in breach of The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (Amendment) Regulations 2008 No 963.

Please advise me how I may formally appeal against the PCT’s decision.

Yours sincerely,

Maggie Fiona Fox

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Try Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity…

I am indebted to my friends across the Atlantic for exposing the evil game that the Psychiatrists in charge of the revision of the Bible of Psychiatry the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders are playing.

Their latest wheeze is to prepare the addition into DSM V the Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID). The severely disturbed individuals who experience a strong desire for the removal of healthy limbs have hijacked the wording of Gender Dysphoria to justify their perversion.

I’ve never met someone with this condition so I have to take the psychiatrists word for it that they do exist and that many of them see their condition as a sexual fetish.

The Psychiatrists who believe that true transsexuals are driven by perverted sexual fetish have of course seized on this to explain the desire for genital surgery.

This is the most ridiculous perverted unscientific rubbish spouted by a predominately Caucasian group of heterosexual males. I think standing and chanting “You are mad and you know you are” might make more sense.

The problem with Psychiatrists is that they have no grasp of the fundamentals of science or scientific evidence based proof. I doubt any of them have anything but the most basic scientific qualification.

They all need to stop and think and understand this:

Einstein visualized gravity as a manifestation of the curvature of space-time - the three space dimensions and a fourth time dimension.

Most of us cannot visualize a curvature of four dimensional space-time, so visualize a curved two dimensional rubber sheet. Placing a mass on the rubber sheet curves it downward like space-time curves in the presence of a mass. On such a rubber sheet a small mass can circle around the curvature produced by a large mass, just as planets orbit the Sun. Or a mass can roll straight downward just as an object falls to the Earth.

General relativity is based on the principle of equivalence. The two statements of this principle are logically equivalent; either statement can be used to prove the other.

Got it?

Now lets start with:

There are no absolutes in nature

Sex and gender are ranges not absolutes.

Sexuality is not defined by sex or gender.

No type of sexuality is a mental illness.

People can make a fetish out of anything.

The sex of the brain is determined in the womb.

The sex of the body is determined in the womb.

At birth the child knows if the sex of the brain and the body are congruent.

Then relativity steps in:

Exposure to human society determines when any incongruence is manifested.

An individual with mild incongruence may just exhibit cross gender characteristics.

No matter how hard a true transsexual tries to live with the incongruence there comes a time when they must change sex.


True transsexual people accepting the appallingly low standards of surgical transformation do everything they can to bring their bodies a close as possible into alignment with the sex of their mind.

I nearly typed the word soul there but if you do not believe in God then mind is probably an easier concept.

There are no certainties or absolutes in nature or in life.

Try reading and understanding Chaos Theory and Randomness.

Chaotic systems are unstable since they tend not to resist any outside disturbances but instead react in significant ways. In other words, they do not shrug off external influences but are partly navigated by them.

The falling leaf or the flapping flag - should be allowed to qualify as chaos, as long as they would continue to appear random even if any true randomness could somehow be eliminated.

What this means is when we make slight changes to a system at one time, and the later behaviour of the system may soon become completely different.

Got it?

What this means is that:

Every human being is unique

There is no valid psychiatric theory for the true transsexual

No psychiatrist can change a true transsexual

If you have psychiatrists at gatekeepers to surgery they will be told what they want to hear to gain access.

I’m getting bored now!

The point I make is that no psychiatric mental illness classification will stand up to any scientific evaluation.

All DSM IV and DSM V will prove is that the world ordered by these medical charlatans is false and bears no resemblance to the real world or put in language these fools can understand.

We’re not mad and we know we’re not!

If you want to read the articles that lead to this it’s at


Ms Maggie Fiona Fox has a B.Sc. (Eng) in Nuclear Engineering from Queen Mary College, University of London.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

A victory for the people…

Today the European Court of Human Rights voted unanimously to find HM Government guilty of another breach of human rights.

It is a sad reflection on today’s elected parliamentarians that this ever came about. Whatever happened to statesmen of principle? Oh I forgot the capitalists bought them.

Today’s victory for the people was to stop our state retaining the fingerprints and DNA records of people who have been arrested but not charged or convicted of any crime. The judges ruled that this retention of personal data could not be regarded as necessary in a democratic society.

Of course the Labour fascists who are in power couldn’t just accept this ruling.

Our Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, stated "The existing law will remain in place while we carefully consider the judgement." and amazingly claims the DNA profile from people who are not convicted may sometimes be linked to later offences, so storing the details on the database is a proportionate response to tackling crime.

She should resign for that!

There of course may be other Government resignations to come.

The absolute right of a constituent to secrecy in dealings with a Member of Parliament has been breached by the recent search of Damian Green’s office in the Houses of Parliament allowed by the Speaker of the House without warrant.

It is a major breach of our Parliamentary Democracy. Damian Green’s arrest by the Police is a political act no matter how much Gordon Brown and the Speaker denies it.

It is an attack by HM Government establishment against the ordinary citizen for “whistle blowing” and exposing the hypocrisy and deceit by the people we elect to represent us.

Any conversation or document passed by a citizen to a Member of Parliament must be considered privileged information and not available to the police.

I trust that all true parliamentarians of whatever political party expose the corruption and deceit behind the police decision to take action. This exploit smells of the evil Baron Mandelson of Foy and Hartlepool and his form of bullying political actions. I sincerely hope investigations lead back to him.

At a time when capitalism is being exposed for it’s greed it is vital that the citizen’s rights and the privileges of our parliamentary democracy stay intact. Capitalism, which needs growth to survive maybe dying as we speak, but that article is for another day.

Today we should celebrate a small victory for the rights of the individual over the state – POWER TO THE PEOPLE…

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Congestion Charge – No thank you

Well I cast my first vote in Manchester today against the congestion charge proposals. Yes I’m already on the electoral roll but I made sure I ticked the box not to reveal it to the mail marketers.

I’ve always had problems with grandiose schemes such as the one proposed.

Since the privatisation of the buses the term public transport just means mass transit but I think some people still think it means public owned and I simply don’t buy the concept of new Government investment fully benefiting the citizen when shareholders get a cut.

If the proposed investments are cost justified then the shareholder can fund them not the motorist.

I don’t drive anymore through choice but I object to anyone visiting me having to pay a charge and I can’t see a plus side to creating the world’s biggest charge zone for any one other than the revenue collectors.

I discussed it with the staff and customers at my hairdresser yesterday and no one supported the charge. A few weren’t going to bother to vote though so I gave them my women must always vote, people died to get us the vote speech. Seemed to go down OK LOL

Yesterday was my first snowy day in Manchester and I got caught out by thinking it’s sunny it’s not THAT cold but it was. I needed more layers. My flat is so warm and cosy that I forget the outside world may be in freeze your tits off mode.

Think I made a bit of progress today on some personal issues. We’ll do a new referral to Manchester Dental Hospital and it will be looked on favourably. I had my first positive conversation with people at Employment Support (evidently my records were at Hanley) and Manchester Housing Benefit.

Applied for NHS membership scheme at Manchester PCT I owe it to all transgender and transsexual people to do everything I can to stop current illegal practices. We simply cannot let the NHS think it’s above the law and treatment practices have to change as they are in breach of the Mental Capacity Act to say nothing of Sex Discrimination Act or Gender Recognition Act.

Lost my hot water supply to my taps yesterday evening due to a blockage in the pipe to the storage cylinder but after a sound resembling 100 toilets flushing at once it fixed itself. Unfortunately at 2:00 am from my sleep point of view.

Still as my friend and hairdresser says you must count your blessings and I do.

You know the world may seem a big place to some but the thought that both Joana and I sang "count your blessings" at Sunday School is a common memory between us. The only difference was she sang it in Ghana and I sang it in Wales!

For those of you who don’t share the inspiration of faith then here are the lyrics that inspired us both…

Lyrics for Count your Blessings Words by Johnson Oatman jr, 1897

Count your blessings
Name them one by one
Count your blessings
See what God has done
Count your blessings
Name them one by one
Count your many blessings
See what God has done

When upon life's billows
You are tempest tossed
When you are discouraged
Thinking all is lost
Count your many blessings
Name them one by one
And it will surprise you
What the Lord has done

Are you ever burdened
With a load of care
Does the cross seem heavy
You are called to bear
Count your many blessings
Every doubt will fly
And you will be singing
As the days go by

When you look at others
With their lands and gold
Think that Christ has promised
You His wealth untold
Count your many blessings
Money cannot buy
Your reward in heaven
Nor your home on high

So, amid the conflict
Whether great or small
Do not be discouraged
God is over all
Count your many blessings
Angels will attend
Help and comfort give you
To your journey's end

Count your blessings
Name them one by one
Count your blessings
See what God has done
Count your blessings
Name them one by one
Count your many blessings
See what God has done

This expresses what I mean…

My Blessing Meaning by Lila* Star

~ A Blessing is the gift of connection

~ A blessing is a thought focused on the divine oneness of all people, animals, nature, creation

~ A blessing is an intentional moment taken out in time to be aware of unison to create a symbol in art word, prayer or thought, representing that unison with another

~ To bestow a blessing is to offer another the opening or opportunity to experience my awareness of him/her and therefore my awareness of all that is ~ Oneness

~ A blessing bestowed - its aim is to connect the receiver in awareness with the divine all that is, God, Higher Self, source or whatever you wish to call it with the giver of the blessing being the instrument of connection

~ A blessing is unconditional, often a random act of kindness inspired by an impulse from within ~ Divine Play Divine Connection expressed and shared

~ A blessing can be an artwork, blessing poem or simply a thought, a silent moment of reverence, a phone call spoken with intention to bless, seeing what is usually unseen, taking a moment out of time to focus on divine connection with another

Monday, 1 December 2008

And so here we go again…

Before I moved to Manchester my gender specialist warned me that some of the Manchester PCT could be “difficult”.

So I wasn’t surprised when my new Manchester GP said something very similar.

What I didn’t expect was that my legal status would again be totally ignored and that Manchester PCT would have a policy that is even more prejudiced and discriminatory that South Staffordshire PCT and that takes some doing! LOL

My GP wrote a lovely letter about me outlining my case to the Contracting and Commissioning Support Officer and clearly making a request for funding for surgery and enclosing the appeal document and the approval for surgery from Staffordshire PCT.

However what did we get back from the Resource Utilisation Support Officer but a standard you must go to Charing Cross Hospital letter in the same vein as Staffordshire PCT first attempt to fob me off.

It outlined the Manchester PCT pathway that starts with a referral to the Psychosexual Service at Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust.

Now I have known for some time that a senior member of Press For Change has been advising Manchester but this total sacrifice of true transsexuals on the altar of sexual deviancy is beyond belief.

For those that don’t know Psychosexual Services deal with amongst other things Violent Sexual Dysfunction, Paedophiles, Bestiality, Necrophilia, and Sadomasochistic Disorder.

What has a true transsexual in common with these sexual deviancies you may well ask?

Well there are two other Psychosexual Conditions that are less well publicised they are Homosexual Disorder and Self Mutilation Disorder.

Yes you read right they still treat homosexuals as mentally ill and they believe gender reassignment is a form of body mutilation.

Manchester PCT should be utterly ashamed of holding such a bigoted prejudicial position and must be taken to task on this.

There is no justification whatsoever in sending any true transsexual to see a Psychosexual Service.

This is what comes from grouping true transsexuals in with transvestic fetishists who are after a bit of “mild” feminisation through hormones but have no intention whatsoever of ever having surgery.

You won’t find any of this on an NHS web site but here is an excerpt from one that has yet to be pulled but rather gives the game away.

Symptoms common: These define all psychosexual disorders.

Patient unable to experience sexual arousal in normal conditions with adult members of the opposite sex.
Patient able to experience sexual arousal in abnormal conditions not natural to the sexual urges of healthy humans.
Patient may frequently be in denial of need for treatment. This is a classic symptom.
Patient may have persecution complex, believing that treatment is persecution for his difference.
Patient may be easily offended by descriptions or questions regarding his condition or activities.
Patient may have little or no contact with family members.

Homosexual Disorder

Patient is aroused by others of patient's own gender.
Patient may have unnatural attachments to one parent.
Patient may have inability to maintain relationships with others.
Patient may have need for multiple partners.
Patient may be aroused by sexual contact with strangers.
Patient may be aroused by contact with other's body fluids, urine, or excrement.
Patient may be aroused by consumption of other's body fluids, urine, or excrement.
Patient may be aroused by thoughts of cannibalism.
Patient may have fantasies of sexual control of others of patient's gender.
Patient may be aroused by encounters that risk infection or injury.
Patients suffering homosexual disorder also commonly suffer from other psychosexual sexual disorders.
Patient may have record of criminal sexual involving children or sodomy.

Taken from

The biggest “joke” in the letter in Manchester PCT was saying that the Psychosexual Service has been suspended due to lack of staff! Don’t tell me they are having difficulty finding qualified bigots to perpetuate these obnoxious myths of Gender Dysphoria and Psychosexual deviancy?

I’ll pursue my personal case and win through the courts if necessary but now I know the obnoxious policy facing true transsexuals starting out in Manchester I intend to give Manchester PCT some serious grief via

It is time for all true transsexuals to say enough is enough to the NHS and force them to cease their obnoxious practices.