Monday, 17 November 2008

Will the real Maggie Fox please stand up…

When I first moved into my new flat I found an envelope addressed to me opened with a message “sorry – opened in error as we have same surname”. A bit later a guy knocked on the door to say his partner asked him to pop up and apologise regarding the letter.

That’s OK I said and by the way my first name is Maggie at which he burst out laughing and then told me his partners nickname was Maggie.

I got invited in for coffee a few days later and my disabled neighbour explained her second name was Margaret but she’d always been known as Maggie and then she told me there was another living in the district and they at first thought it was her but my accent proved otherwise. So that makes three Maggie Fox in this district of Manchester!

Anyway about 11:00 pm on Friday my door buzzer sounded and it was my neighbour Maggie. Her partner managed to lose their keys whilst visiting friends so as he was despatched to get them and she came in for coffee.

We got chatting and then realised it was now 1:00 am so we deduced he had stayed for a drink assuming her daughter would rescue her. Only snag was her mobile and therefore all telephone numbers were locked in the flat.

Maggie and I had had a pretty deep conversation none of which I’ll repeat here, as it is too personal so Maggie took the couch and I went to bed thinking we’ll sort all this out in morning.

At about 6:00 am Maggie’s partner is tapping on their front door and I hear him as the door is immediately below my bedroom window so I lean out of the window and tell him she is with me. He steps back and trips the security light from my next door neighbour

“Bloody Hell” he says “there’s a body under the (low privet) hedge”. I stare but can’t see anything, except maybe some feet, without my glasses. By the time I’ve got them on I see a young guy, just in his underpants, wrapped in a duvet staggering about. Maggie’s partner takes him into my neighbours as they had woken up with the security light tripping.

It turned out the lad in the duvet is the gay son of a lady that lives in the next street he’d had a row with his Mum and decided to go to his boyfriend’s flat in this street but never quite made it!

So we all had coffee and agreed the best option was to ring the Council to get them to drill out & replace the lock. It took nearly four hours for a council workman to turn up and then only after three reminders, which wasn’t very sensible as Maggie is disabled, and her medication was inside her flat.

We’ve agreed to both get a spare set of keys and hold them for each other.

So I’ve made a new friend with the same name living in the same block. Oh I’m now referred to as Maggs so everyone knows whom they are gossiping about! Fiona was rejected as too posh LOL

I feel I’ve arrived in this community now and I’ll take up the invite to the local community club when some live music is on but I’ll pass on the bingo…

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