Sunday, 23 November 2008

Welcome to the dual gendered world...

When Press For Change sold out transsexuals for their MBE awards and right to marry they helped create a bad Act of Parliament in terms of the Gender Recognition Act enshrining into English Law the mental illness of gender dysphoria and the role of the gender psychiatrist.

Part of this appalling sell out was to legitimize the so-called Real Life Test into a two-year qualification for a gender recognition certificate.

They boasted ah but there is no requirement for surgery though the application form asks the medical referee if surgery has not taken place to explain why not?

Now with their friends in HM Government they have gone further and created a dual gender whilst a transsexual person waits for the clock to show two years living in their true gender.

This is utterly appalling when you compare it to now.

At present when you declare by statutory declaration your change of name and you obtain a preliminary diagnosis from your GP you can get all your documents changed except one your birth certificate. Everyone in HM Government treats you as belonging to your acquired (true) gender and your start date of living in your acquired (true) gender is defined.

You get your passport and driving license immediately in your acquired (true) gender.

Two years later with two reports one from your GP and another from a Gender Specialist who most importantly need not be a psychiatrist and you get your new birth certificate.

Simple everyone understands it and most importantly it gives you full status in your acquired (true) gender in your place of work and society at large from day one.

That will all change with the new Identity Card system

Here are the relevant extracts:

Applications from those living a Dual Gendered Life

2.33 The representation of identity is a particularly complex and difficult issue for those who are moving from living in their birth gender to an acquired gender. In particular, those who are seeking to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate need to be able to demonstrate that they are taking steps to live in their acquired gender as part of that process.

The Identity and Passport Service has engaged with a number of groups representing the transgender community before and after the passage of the Identity Cards Act. This has been helpful in understanding how we can best meet that community’s needs whilst ensuring the integrity of the National Identity Register.

2.34 Regulations 6,7,9,11,12 and 13 provide that those who are living a dual gendered life will, if they so choose, be able to apply for two identity cards relating to their unique entry in the National Identity Register. They can hold a National Identity Card which can be used for travel in one gender as well as an Identification Card which is not valid for travel but can be used to prove their identity in a second gender reliably and securely and reflects a different name, signature and photograph. This will be dependent on the provision of a recognized report from a registered medical practitioner or chartered psychologist confirming that the individual experiences gender dysphoria.

3.9 Where an individual has received a Gender Recognition Certificate, these provisions require this to be notified. Those individuals who had been issued with two cards as they were living a dual gendered life will be then be entitled to just one card in their acquired gender.

This notification will also ensure that the Identity and Passport Service can take appropriate steps to protect the gender history of the individual in accordance with the requirements of the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

Further in the actual Act we find the Register will record:

10.—(1) The following registrable facts about an individual are prescribed for the purposes of section 6(5)(b) of the 2006 Act (Issue etc. of ID cards) –
(a) the individual’s full name;
(b) the address of a place of residence of the individual;
(c) the individual’s birth gender and acquired gender;

1. In the case of all applicants –

(a) full name by which the applicant is commonly known for official purposes,

(b) any other names by which the applicant is or has been known for official purposes and details of the period during which the applicant is or has been so known ,

5. In the case of an application involving recording in the Register a change of gender that has been recognised by the Gender Recognition Panel, a gender recognition certificate or a birth or adoption certificate which records the new gender, in a form which contains details of the parents, or, as the case may be, adoptive parents.

6. In the case of an application by an individual who is dual gendered, involving recording in the Register a second gender, a report containing a diagnosis of gender dysphoria from a registered medical practitioner or a chartered psychologist practicing in the field of gender dysphoria.

Let me translate this for you in simple terms. HM Government considers your birth sex record to be absolute and will not ever allow a correction.

Your birth sex record and that you have changed sex is now easily available to all HM Government enforcement officers, Police, Security Services, and Army etc.

Worse this information will be shared with commercial organizations such as credit reference agencies and any European country you visit and the United States of America who started all this by insisting on biometric identification for visitors.

Prior to your acquisition of a Gender Recognition Certificate even if you change your name to a new one more appropriate to your acquired/true gender you get a passport and ID card in your birth gender.

This is a bigot’s charter for discrimination and will dramatically increase the persecution of true transsexual people.

I not sure where this dual gender idea has originated from but I suspect the transvestic fetish obsessed psychiatrists in the NHS had a big say and given the way some members of Press for Change boast about their Queer politics they had ready supporters.

This dual gender idea reeks of prejudice. HM Government think it’s OK to dress up at night to pursue your perversion in the gay bars but keep it away from work, families and children.

This is what comes from taking HM Government to the European Court of Human Rights winning the case but then accepting a compromise.

Press for Change and those others responsible for this should drop their 30 pieces of silver in the poor box and go find a suitable tree.

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