Saturday, 8 November 2008

Think you're above the law - think again...

This story caught my attention for a variety of reasons.

The General Teaching Council for England has ruled that a former Education, Training and Employment Manager at Brighton & Hove City Council was guilty of discriminating against a teacher because she was transgender.

The important message to all true transsexual or transgender people is never give up and never accept defeat.

This lady has demonstrated no matter how much an employer tries to use it's substantial resources to justify discrimination the truth will come out.

I'm proud she decided to stand up and show that bigotry is evil and that transphobia can be defeated.

Well done Natasha Thoday you are a real woman...

Here are the links:

I trust some of my readers will learn the lesson from this story...


Natasha Thoday said...

Hi, Thanks Fiona for the positive support! Much appreciated... one of the links is broken and should be: -

I've updated my blog... please sign the petition too!

Best wishes

Natasha Thoday

Fiona Fox said...

Link corrected and petition signed. XX

Anonymous said...

Hello Fiona

I have read through your blogs and just had to say "Go Girl!"

You make some very interesting observations.