Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Progress? You be the judge...

Christine Burns formerly of Press For Change has produced a document for the NHS that tries to justify illegal treatment regimes on the basis of care.

The Mental Capacity Act implications are ignored which is no surprise and the crucial Gender Recognition Act that changes the legal basis of the recipient in terms of their entitlement to surgery without preconditions is glossed over.

See my blog entry of 1 November 2008 for a simple pathway that removes the prejudicial treatment by NHS psychiatrists.

It would be so much better if the NHS she describes were real not spin.

There are some good things in the document but it implies throughout that you are transsexual for life, which is not the legal case.

Here is an example from this work:

Much of the sensitivity about terms and who is applying them is rooted in past tensions between trans people and previous generations of clinicians. In the UK, clinical involvement for people expressing gender identities at variance from their physical sex has been led for more than 40 years by psychiatrists, with approaches that were originally grounded in theories about sexual deviancy and mental disorder.

In other countries clinical involvement has been led from different disciplines such as endocrinology or by gynecologists and urologists.

Nowadays even psychiatrists are at pains to stress that the inclusion of transsexual terminology in mental health categories reflects the historical demand for a formal diagnosis on which to base treatment, and the widely appreciated need for talking therapies to support people through taking an immense step in their lives, often in the face of disapproval among those they know.

It cannot be overemphasised that being trans is not a mental illness.

The problem is that this is not in the past this is NHS spin.

The reality is the same Gender Identity Clinics and the same abusive, demeaning, degrading practices exist today.

You can get a copy of Christine Burns work for the NHS at this link:

I am sure Christine Burns means well with her work but it ignores the rather obvious need to abolish the Gender Identity Clinics and remove the mental illness classification for ever.

Transition for the true transsexual is a process that any GP could assist in managing simply by calling down the services the person transitioning requests.

That appears to be too simple for the medical professionals to grasp, as they cannot seem to accept that being a true transsexual is a self diagnosed condition.

It is a birth defect where the brain sex is different to the anatomical sex.

Notice I deliberately use the word sex not gender as talking about gender is not the same issue.

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