Saturday, 1 November 2008

“The PCT is pleased to be able to confirm that you may proceed with surgery at the Sussex Nuffield Hospital.”

A simple sentence that has transformed my life and will make it easier for every true transsexual to obtain the treatment of his or her choice in the future.

This is a major result achieved without having to resort to the courts that confirms some vital legal and medical facts.

It has been achieved against a culture of prejudice that regrettably still permeates the National Health Service and the Department of Health.

There is still a lot of work to be done before the war to remove the bogus mental illness classification is won but this is a victory so as Montgomery said after Al-Alamein “Ring out the Bells”!

These are the important points I’ve established:

#1 You do not need anyone’s permission or approval to change gender. You just do it.

#2 Change your name by statutory declaration immediately you transition. This is vital as it is the start date to get a gender recognition certificate.

#3 See your GP on the same day who must confirm an initial diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” and arrange an appointment with a local psychiatrist.

#4 One and only one single hour appointment is all that is required with a general clinical psychiatrist to establish proof that you have no mental illnesses. Get yourself discharged back to GP care not an NHS Gender Clinic.

#5 Via your GP ask your PCT to fund your referral to the London Gender Clinic run by Dr Richard Curtis. If they refuse then fund this your self. Believe me it’s worth it, as you will avoid all problems of the NHS system that is designed for gender confused transvestic fetishists.

#6 Obtain NHS prescription for hormone and anti-androgen therapy from your GP on a joint care basis with Dr Richard Curtis of the London Gender Clinic.

#7 As soon as it is 24 months from your statutory declaration of change of name apply for a gender recognition certificate.

#8 As soon as you have a gender recognition certificate and a new birth certificate in your true gender apply for NHS funding for surgery for correction of birth defect by a surgeon of your choice in a hospital of your choice. Warning do not pick Charing Cross as they will insist on you going to their Gender Identity Clinic who ignore #1 to #7.

#9 Be prepared to use the law to get your funding. The Sex Discrimination Act, The Gender Recognition Act, The Mental Capacity Act and the Human Rights Act are now in your favour as you are legally of the gender that you have transitioned to and the NHS cannot apply their arbitrary unscientific prejudiced rules that they get away with those who accept referral to the Gender Identity Clinics prior to transition.

#10 Enjoy the fact that that you have the surgeon of your choice at the hospital of your choice and the fact that you are not and never were mentally ill.

Of course none of this will protect you from the evil prejudice you will encounter from some members of the public whilst they either know your former gender or guess it. After three years of hormone therapy I have no problems other than the determined bigots of my workplace and I have the law on my side on that one too.

In earlier entries I’ve reproduced the letters and legal arguments we’ve used to get this result. They are valid for everyone with a gender recognition certificate.

I don’t feel the need to write much more in blog form on this subject as I ceased to be a transsexual the day I got my gender recognition certificate so I will bow out and let others fight on for our rights.

Unless of course I’m persuaded otherwise…. LOL

The lesson here is keep your faith and justice will prevail.

God bless you all.

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