Friday, 21 November 2008

Fancy a good myth…

In recent years the Establishment has become very adept at spin weaving lies into believable myths.

HM Government loves to announce a problem in the morning and solve it in the afternoon hoping that this sort of distraction politics makes us all feel good about them.

Capitalism (or better called greed) by the Establishment continues to exploit ordinary people on a daily basis fed by a diet of myth and lie.

Here are some examples from just this week:


For the past eight years, the so-called Religious Right (Mainly white, "born again" evangelical Protestants, who adhere to a literal interpretation of the Bible) has enjoyed a warm reception at the centre of White House policy-making, and with the Republican coalition on Capitol Hill.

You are meant to believe that liberal America exists as a unified block, workers and academics, politicians and voters, the salt of the earth, keepers of the true flame, if not the grail.

Unfortunately seventy percent of President-Elect Barack Obama’s Black Support in California voted to ban gay marriage. Raised in the fundamental Protestantism of the black community churches, almost three quarters of the black voters in California indicated their hypocritical opposition to equal rights for all America.

The religious right looks pretty strong to me whilst equality for all is a long way off.


Examples of meaningless statistics:

In 17 years of power up to 1997, the Conservatives made net debt repayments in four years, totalling nearly £17bn. Since coming to power in 1997, Labour made net repayments in three years, totalling about £41bn. (A record!)

Praise be to Labour prudence, the Conservatives were rubbish.

In 1993, during the last recession, the Conservative government borrowed about £51bn. This year, Labour is expected to borrow about £64bn. (A record!)

All hail Conservative prudence, Labour are rubbish.

The riles of spin are:

Don't try to inform or enlighten - just generate as much heat as possible (with extra points at a time of public anxiety)

Ignore inflation - this makes it impossible to say how any quantity of pounds genuinely compares with another some years apart, but does allow many absurd, baseless comparisons

Assume that wealth doesn't matter, as if £10,000 owed by someone earning £5,000 a year is as serious a debt as it would be to Roman Abramovich

If we updated the 1993 deficit to a 2008-sized economy after 15 years of inflation, it would be over £110bn, compared with this year's projected deficit of about £64bn.

So lets just stop panicking please and get back to normal..


The privacy of millions of NHS patients will be critically undermined by a government plan to let medical researchers have access to personal files.

The prime minister and Department of Health want to give Britain's research institutes an advantage against overseas competitors by opening up more than 50m records, to identify patients who might be willing to take part in trials of new drugs and treatments.

They are consulting on a proposal that is buried in the small print of the NHS constitution that would permit researchers for the first time to write to patients who share a particular set of medical conditions to seek their participation in trials.

It would result in patients receiving a letter from a stranger who knew their most intimate medical secrets, which would be regarded by many as a breach of trust by doctors who are supposed to keep information confidential. It raises the prospect of a letter being opened by a relative, which could cause embarrassment.

This of course is not driven by any commercial considerations is it?

Calderdale PCT have asked that individual enquires about accessing GID services in Calderdale in the first instance be directed not to the PCT but to Jonny Glenn who is a mental health worker and liaison between the PCT and the local trans community.

The designation of a full time liaison worker is just one on the reforms of GID care in Calderdale. His remit is to advise on access to local services and referrals to consultants also to report to the PCT problems relating to the quality and access to care both pre and post op.

Now Calderdale PCT has been guilty of some of the most appalling abuse of transsexual people and this is a classic piece of establishment spin.

My former PCT introduced the requirement of two extra psychiatric assessments before you could be considered for a Gender Identity Clinic but Calderdale don’t even let you start with your own GP!

The problem is whilst the NHS thinks all transsexual people start as transvestic fetishists who one day enquire whether they can have some mild feminisation or possibly bring their cross dressing into the public area we will not get the changes we demand as true transsexuals in terms of changing our sex not just changing our gender!

I can’t close off this composite article without mentioning one on NHS pain relief.

People want to see tougher action taken against the NHS when it fails to help patients in pain, a poll suggests.

A Help the Aged survey of more than 1,000 people found nearly two-thirds thought hospitals should be penalised for poor "pain management".

I’m surprised it was so low in this sample. I saw my mother suffer from acute pain from stomach cancer that her indifferent GP failed to diagnose until it was inoperable.

I myself live with the debilitating pain of Ankylosing Spondylitis and no one cares when you say the painkillers don’t work so I know this to be institutionalised. Someone once said to me the best Doctor you can get is one who shares your condition because they wouldn’t put up with the second rate care our Health Service dishes out.

Go away take this it won’t do much but I’ve got my NHS fee and commission from the drug company so I don’t care seems to be the order of the day for most of the NHS.

Unless of course you believe the myths…

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