Sunday, 23 November 2008

Welcome to the dual gendered world...

When Press For Change sold out transsexuals for their MBE awards and right to marry they helped create a bad Act of Parliament in terms of the Gender Recognition Act enshrining into English Law the mental illness of gender dysphoria and the role of the gender psychiatrist.

Part of this appalling sell out was to legitimize the so-called Real Life Test into a two-year qualification for a gender recognition certificate.

They boasted ah but there is no requirement for surgery though the application form asks the medical referee if surgery has not taken place to explain why not?

Now with their friends in HM Government they have gone further and created a dual gender whilst a transsexual person waits for the clock to show two years living in their true gender.

This is utterly appalling when you compare it to now.

At present when you declare by statutory declaration your change of name and you obtain a preliminary diagnosis from your GP you can get all your documents changed except one your birth certificate. Everyone in HM Government treats you as belonging to your acquired (true) gender and your start date of living in your acquired (true) gender is defined.

You get your passport and driving license immediately in your acquired (true) gender.

Two years later with two reports one from your GP and another from a Gender Specialist who most importantly need not be a psychiatrist and you get your new birth certificate.

Simple everyone understands it and most importantly it gives you full status in your acquired (true) gender in your place of work and society at large from day one.

That will all change with the new Identity Card system

Here are the relevant extracts:

Applications from those living a Dual Gendered Life

2.33 The representation of identity is a particularly complex and difficult issue for those who are moving from living in their birth gender to an acquired gender. In particular, those who are seeking to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate need to be able to demonstrate that they are taking steps to live in their acquired gender as part of that process.

The Identity and Passport Service has engaged with a number of groups representing the transgender community before and after the passage of the Identity Cards Act. This has been helpful in understanding how we can best meet that community’s needs whilst ensuring the integrity of the National Identity Register.

2.34 Regulations 6,7,9,11,12 and 13 provide that those who are living a dual gendered life will, if they so choose, be able to apply for two identity cards relating to their unique entry in the National Identity Register. They can hold a National Identity Card which can be used for travel in one gender as well as an Identification Card which is not valid for travel but can be used to prove their identity in a second gender reliably and securely and reflects a different name, signature and photograph. This will be dependent on the provision of a recognized report from a registered medical practitioner or chartered psychologist confirming that the individual experiences gender dysphoria.

3.9 Where an individual has received a Gender Recognition Certificate, these provisions require this to be notified. Those individuals who had been issued with two cards as they were living a dual gendered life will be then be entitled to just one card in their acquired gender.

This notification will also ensure that the Identity and Passport Service can take appropriate steps to protect the gender history of the individual in accordance with the requirements of the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

Further in the actual Act we find the Register will record:

10.—(1) The following registrable facts about an individual are prescribed for the purposes of section 6(5)(b) of the 2006 Act (Issue etc. of ID cards) –
(a) the individual’s full name;
(b) the address of a place of residence of the individual;
(c) the individual’s birth gender and acquired gender;

1. In the case of all applicants –

(a) full name by which the applicant is commonly known for official purposes,

(b) any other names by which the applicant is or has been known for official purposes and details of the period during which the applicant is or has been so known ,

5. In the case of an application involving recording in the Register a change of gender that has been recognised by the Gender Recognition Panel, a gender recognition certificate or a birth or adoption certificate which records the new gender, in a form which contains details of the parents, or, as the case may be, adoptive parents.

6. In the case of an application by an individual who is dual gendered, involving recording in the Register a second gender, a report containing a diagnosis of gender dysphoria from a registered medical practitioner or a chartered psychologist practicing in the field of gender dysphoria.

Let me translate this for you in simple terms. HM Government considers your birth sex record to be absolute and will not ever allow a correction.

Your birth sex record and that you have changed sex is now easily available to all HM Government enforcement officers, Police, Security Services, and Army etc.

Worse this information will be shared with commercial organizations such as credit reference agencies and any European country you visit and the United States of America who started all this by insisting on biometric identification for visitors.

Prior to your acquisition of a Gender Recognition Certificate even if you change your name to a new one more appropriate to your acquired/true gender you get a passport and ID card in your birth gender.

This is a bigot’s charter for discrimination and will dramatically increase the persecution of true transsexual people.

I not sure where this dual gender idea has originated from but I suspect the transvestic fetish obsessed psychiatrists in the NHS had a big say and given the way some members of Press for Change boast about their Queer politics they had ready supporters.

This dual gender idea reeks of prejudice. HM Government think it’s OK to dress up at night to pursue your perversion in the gay bars but keep it away from work, families and children.

This is what comes from taking HM Government to the European Court of Human Rights winning the case but then accepting a compromise.

Press for Change and those others responsible for this should drop their 30 pieces of silver in the poor box and go find a suitable tree.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Fancy a good myth…

In recent years the Establishment has become very adept at spin weaving lies into believable myths.

HM Government loves to announce a problem in the morning and solve it in the afternoon hoping that this sort of distraction politics makes us all feel good about them.

Capitalism (or better called greed) by the Establishment continues to exploit ordinary people on a daily basis fed by a diet of myth and lie.

Here are some examples from just this week:


For the past eight years, the so-called Religious Right (Mainly white, "born again" evangelical Protestants, who adhere to a literal interpretation of the Bible) has enjoyed a warm reception at the centre of White House policy-making, and with the Republican coalition on Capitol Hill.

You are meant to believe that liberal America exists as a unified block, workers and academics, politicians and voters, the salt of the earth, keepers of the true flame, if not the grail.

Unfortunately seventy percent of President-Elect Barack Obama’s Black Support in California voted to ban gay marriage. Raised in the fundamental Protestantism of the black community churches, almost three quarters of the black voters in California indicated their hypocritical opposition to equal rights for all America.

The religious right looks pretty strong to me whilst equality for all is a long way off.


Examples of meaningless statistics:

In 17 years of power up to 1997, the Conservatives made net debt repayments in four years, totalling nearly £17bn. Since coming to power in 1997, Labour made net repayments in three years, totalling about £41bn. (A record!)

Praise be to Labour prudence, the Conservatives were rubbish.

In 1993, during the last recession, the Conservative government borrowed about £51bn. This year, Labour is expected to borrow about £64bn. (A record!)

All hail Conservative prudence, Labour are rubbish.

The riles of spin are:

Don't try to inform or enlighten - just generate as much heat as possible (with extra points at a time of public anxiety)

Ignore inflation - this makes it impossible to say how any quantity of pounds genuinely compares with another some years apart, but does allow many absurd, baseless comparisons

Assume that wealth doesn't matter, as if £10,000 owed by someone earning £5,000 a year is as serious a debt as it would be to Roman Abramovich

If we updated the 1993 deficit to a 2008-sized economy after 15 years of inflation, it would be over £110bn, compared with this year's projected deficit of about £64bn.

So lets just stop panicking please and get back to normal..


The privacy of millions of NHS patients will be critically undermined by a government plan to let medical researchers have access to personal files.

The prime minister and Department of Health want to give Britain's research institutes an advantage against overseas competitors by opening up more than 50m records, to identify patients who might be willing to take part in trials of new drugs and treatments.

They are consulting on a proposal that is buried in the small print of the NHS constitution that would permit researchers for the first time to write to patients who share a particular set of medical conditions to seek their participation in trials.

It would result in patients receiving a letter from a stranger who knew their most intimate medical secrets, which would be regarded by many as a breach of trust by doctors who are supposed to keep information confidential. It raises the prospect of a letter being opened by a relative, which could cause embarrassment.

This of course is not driven by any commercial considerations is it?

Calderdale PCT have asked that individual enquires about accessing GID services in Calderdale in the first instance be directed not to the PCT but to Jonny Glenn who is a mental health worker and liaison between the PCT and the local trans community.

The designation of a full time liaison worker is just one on the reforms of GID care in Calderdale. His remit is to advise on access to local services and referrals to consultants also to report to the PCT problems relating to the quality and access to care both pre and post op.

Now Calderdale PCT has been guilty of some of the most appalling abuse of transsexual people and this is a classic piece of establishment spin.

My former PCT introduced the requirement of two extra psychiatric assessments before you could be considered for a Gender Identity Clinic but Calderdale don’t even let you start with your own GP!

The problem is whilst the NHS thinks all transsexual people start as transvestic fetishists who one day enquire whether they can have some mild feminisation or possibly bring their cross dressing into the public area we will not get the changes we demand as true transsexuals in terms of changing our sex not just changing our gender!

I can’t close off this composite article without mentioning one on NHS pain relief.

People want to see tougher action taken against the NHS when it fails to help patients in pain, a poll suggests.

A Help the Aged survey of more than 1,000 people found nearly two-thirds thought hospitals should be penalised for poor "pain management".

I’m surprised it was so low in this sample. I saw my mother suffer from acute pain from stomach cancer that her indifferent GP failed to diagnose until it was inoperable.

I myself live with the debilitating pain of Ankylosing Spondylitis and no one cares when you say the painkillers don’t work so I know this to be institutionalised. Someone once said to me the best Doctor you can get is one who shares your condition because they wouldn’t put up with the second rate care our Health Service dishes out.

Go away take this it won’t do much but I’ve got my NHS fee and commission from the drug company so I don’t care seems to be the order of the day for most of the NHS.

Unless of course you believe the myths…

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Back to a Consultant Rheumatologist…

I was discharged from Burton Hospital care when phenylbutazone was withdrawn from human use. Horses can still take it!

In many ways the withdrawal in 2002 of this the original NASAID specifically developed for the treatment of those diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis is more a symptom of the NICE/NHS no risk policy than a valid science based decision..

It is alleged it causes aplastic anaemia though the evidence and statistics for this are kept confidential.

My research found a BMA article quoting an estimated risk of 2 deaths per 100,000 patients. This was done on a trace back from death certificates

“With phenylbutazone the rates varied from under 1 death per 100 000 for men aged under 65 years to 6 per 100 000 for women aged 65 and over. Small numbers precluded estimates for oxyphenbutazone in these subgroups, although a similar trend was suggested. No particular indication for treatment seems to carry a higher risk, the main concern being the use of these two drugs in elderly patients. WH Inman 1997”

Whilst on phenylbutazone I experienced no side effects and all my blood tests were clear so the major health gain in my view outweighed the risk.

When I started on phenylbutazone I couldn’t bend to pick up a milk bottle of the doorstep but 2 years later I’d passed my motorbike test and had ridden over the Alps much to the horror of my Consultant.

I managed to avoid the worst visual effects and whilst I have a hunched back I’ve not “set” in a position that makes me dependent on sticks or a Zimmer.

From 2002 to date I’ve taken Meloxicam that is not as effective and after the stress from my workplace my GP increased my dosage by 50%. Continued stress from my exclusion from work reactivated this chronic autoimmune disease that was in remission and my condition has worsened.

I’ve now lost over 50% movement in my right shoulder and as I’m now getting pain from my left shoulder I decided I really had to reveal the full extent of the problem to my new GP who is now referring me to a consultant rheumatologist at North Manchester Hospital. It’s just a half hour journey by bus so it’s not a problem to get there.

I’m dreading going back into Hospital again. If as my GP suspects it is detached calcified tissue that is the main problem in my right shoulder then only surgery can correct it and then not necessarily fully. I’ll be having a scan to see the cause but I fear I’m one of the rare cases where Ankylosing Spondylitis can spread away from the spine & ribs (both of them are totally fused in my case).

It is somewhat ironic that the evil people I encountered in my former workplace have undone the relief I got from changing gender as a result of controlling my AS.

Still I’ll do my best to fight it again.

Phenylbutazone is not banned on a global basis though if I go back on it I suspect I’ll feel the full wrath of our nanny NHS that always knows better than the patient but then I’m used to the NHS telling me I can’t do things.

My answer is always the same – YES I CAN – I think someone more famous than me uses that that mantra.

God Bless America…

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The world would be a better place if women were in charge…

That was one of my Mum’s regular sayings when news of some war or atrocity came through. My Mum was a Christian feminist though she’d have never used that description of herself. She remains the most generous person I’ve ever met. I used to be embarrassed delivering my Mum’s home made rice pudding to ill people in our neighbourhood. I’d hang my head and mumble “my Mum sent you this” but what more can you give another human being than love and something to help them recover?

So today when I saw this picture of a girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo I remembered her words.

This picture symbolises the exploitation of the young female by men driven by greed.

The DR Congo has the third-largest population and the second-largest land area in sub-Saharan Africa. Life expectancy is just 43 years.

National child mortality rate at 205 per 1,000 live births; infant mortality at 109 per 1,000 live births (much higher in the eastern part of the country.

Despite the abundance of raw materials, the country's formal economy has virtually collapsed in the past few decades due to mismanagement, conflict, and instability.

Women remain marginalised in the DRC.

Amnesty International has shown that there is a direct link between discrimination against women in general and the violence inflicted on women in times of war.

Originally used as a weapon of war by soldiers to humiliate the enemy, sexual and gender-based violence is also perpetrated by civilians. The reason is twofold: sexual and gender-based violence is shrouded in silence and the perpetrators are seldom tried because of the prevailing climate of impunity.

Widows and rape survivors fare worse than the rest of the female population.

Women are also underrepresented in leadership positions, while customary law is generally highly discriminatory against women.

The 17,000-strong UN peacekeeping force - its largest mission anywhere - has so far failed to contain the self-inflicted calamities that periodically engulf Congo.

Much more must be done, and urgently too by the wealthier, stronger nations.

And as my Mum would say “put the women in charge”…

Monday, 17 November 2008

Will the real Maggie Fox please stand up…

When I first moved into my new flat I found an envelope addressed to me opened with a message “sorry – opened in error as we have same surname”. A bit later a guy knocked on the door to say his partner asked him to pop up and apologise regarding the letter.

That’s OK I said and by the way my first name is Maggie at which he burst out laughing and then told me his partners nickname was Maggie.

I got invited in for coffee a few days later and my disabled neighbour explained her second name was Margaret but she’d always been known as Maggie and then she told me there was another living in the district and they at first thought it was her but my accent proved otherwise. So that makes three Maggie Fox in this district of Manchester!

Anyway about 11:00 pm on Friday my door buzzer sounded and it was my neighbour Maggie. Her partner managed to lose their keys whilst visiting friends so as he was despatched to get them and she came in for coffee.

We got chatting and then realised it was now 1:00 am so we deduced he had stayed for a drink assuming her daughter would rescue her. Only snag was her mobile and therefore all telephone numbers were locked in the flat.

Maggie and I had had a pretty deep conversation none of which I’ll repeat here, as it is too personal so Maggie took the couch and I went to bed thinking we’ll sort all this out in morning.

At about 6:00 am Maggie’s partner is tapping on their front door and I hear him as the door is immediately below my bedroom window so I lean out of the window and tell him she is with me. He steps back and trips the security light from my next door neighbour

“Bloody Hell” he says “there’s a body under the (low privet) hedge”. I stare but can’t see anything, except maybe some feet, without my glasses. By the time I’ve got them on I see a young guy, just in his underpants, wrapped in a duvet staggering about. Maggie’s partner takes him into my neighbours as they had woken up with the security light tripping.

It turned out the lad in the duvet is the gay son of a lady that lives in the next street he’d had a row with his Mum and decided to go to his boyfriend’s flat in this street but never quite made it!

So we all had coffee and agreed the best option was to ring the Council to get them to drill out & replace the lock. It took nearly four hours for a council workman to turn up and then only after three reminders, which wasn’t very sensible as Maggie is disabled, and her medication was inside her flat.

We’ve agreed to both get a spare set of keys and hold them for each other.

So I’ve made a new friend with the same name living in the same block. Oh I’m now referred to as Maggs so everyone knows whom they are gossiping about! Fiona was rejected as too posh LOL

I feel I’ve arrived in this community now and I’ll take up the invite to the local community club when some live music is on but I’ll pass on the bingo…

Sunday, 16 November 2008

The name’s Bond, Jeminah Bond…

On Friday I spoke to JobCentre Plus to register for Employment and Support allowance. I had tried a week ago but their systems were down and so they insisted on posting me a claim form.

A photocopied form arrived Friday after I had chased them mid-week the first line of which read “the best way to make a claim is by phone”!

So I rang and the lady said it’d take roughly an hour. Now the previous week I’d telephoned in and my name & national insurance number did not match. I wasn’t totally surprised as whilst I’d informed most Government departments of my transition I knew there would be databases that weren’t updated and I’d only find them if I used that Department. So I had my records changed well so I thought.

Anyway we start the process name, address and date of birth and bang each time we hit an error message on the new software it would not allow her to proceed. So I disclose my transition and we try again with my former name still won’t move on.

National Insurance numbers are not unique due to the way they were issued so HM Government rely on a combination of NI number and birthday to create a unique identity but that still may not be unique. She gets a new error message so we break off with the promise of a call back.

I get a call back to say my record is classified as a National Sensitive Record used for “HM Government Spies and Famous People” (her words) so that curious staff can’t browse their records. You exist but are only visible to people with the necessary authorisation. So I have to fill in the form and mark it “National Sensitive Record” to get my benefit.

Now I did know about this National Sensitive Record system. It was used when I first transitioned to protect me until I got a Gender Recognition Certificate so all my records appeared as my new gender but my former records were still kept, as the change might not be judged permanent.

When I got my Gender Recognition Certificate I got a letter from the Inland Revenue giving me notification of a special department that would hold my records. Perhaps foolishly I thought OK that’s for old stuff for the future calculation of pension but maybe it’s not like that in reality. I’m going to do a fair bit of digging now as the Gender Recognition Act is meant to recognise and treat you as your acquired gender not the one allocated at birth.

I was asked in the first conversation if I objected to “full gender recognition certificate” being put on my records which I did object to as we are not a third gender and even HM Government is legally obliged to treat me as my new gender even I acquired it differently to just a physical examination at birth.

I mentioned this sequence to a friend of mine who had a copy of an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check that mentioned her former name twice. There is a special section for transgender people a Confidential Checking Process for Transgender Applicants who do not wish to reveal details of their previous identity to the person who asked them to complete an application form for a CRB Disclosure.

Problem is that by definition this breaches the Gender Recognition Act still never mind eh?

Well yes actually, in the enthusiasm shown by transsexual people for the right to legal marriage and protected identity we let a lot of things slip.

We had HM Government beaten by the European Court of Human Rights but we conceded too much to a Caucasian male dominated Parliament concerned to protect the heterosexual male and what is laughingly called family values.

Personally I’d have made of list of those MPs who had sex with prostitutes especially the transsexual type ones and done a Cromwell “Gentlemen (after Army marches into Parliament) I believe now I have the majority.” LOL

Human Rights in England is the new Civil War.

It is important to remember that until the infamous judgement in the April Ashley case in 1970 you could get your original birth record altered and the old record destroyed but now we have a list as both your old record and the new one co-exist.

OK the list is protected now as a National Sensitive Record…

Monday, 10 November 2008

First thoughts as a new Mancunian…

Regular readers will know how much I love the city of Manchester and it’s people. It’s been my release valve since 2005 from the persecution and bigotry of Uttoxeter.

Let me say straight away there are some great people in Uttoxeter after all I moved there over 10 years ago to live with one of them.

Unfortunately there are a few determined bigots mostly from my former place of work who along with their friends and family sought to destroy me.

The wanted me to leave Uttoxeter, preferably in a wooden box, because of the affront to their sensibilities of my change of gender. They ensured I was daily reminded of this terrible crime against humanity by vicious verbal abuse and “missiles” thrown from passing cars. It was incessant and I was unable to walk the length of the High Street without some incident.

I was clever enough by not reacting, varying my routes and itinerary to avoid a major incident. It helped living right in the centre of the town within CCTV surveillance but enough of them as at the end of day they are still there living their squalid little lives – I’m not!

Quite a few people have asked me how I managed to get a secure tenancy City Of Manchester Council flat and the answer is know the law and tell the truth.

I applied in 2007 after my exclusion from work but just got the lowest priority however undeterred I bid for homes. A month or so ago I judged the situation in Uttoxeter to be getting too dangerous. I think some of the factory bigots blamed me for its future closure and were stoking up further resentment as I was on paid suspension including attendance bonus. The price for that being a good kicking that with my Ankylosing Spondylitis I probably wouldn’t have survived.

So I rang Northwood Housing and explained that when I first applied they could legally discriminate against me by not giving me the housing points for living under threat of violence but as of April 2008 HM Government had made it illegal to discriminate against someone who intended to undergo gender reassignment as regards Goods & Services so I now wanted those points.

I was close to a complete physical & mental breakdown as a result of the combined discrimination of my employer and it’s employees so delay was not an option. I’d not been able to bid on some flats because of a no pets rule and the rest were for over 60s. Suddenly one of the over 60s flats was a mistake it should have been over 50s and with cats allowed (but no dogs) I was invited to bid. I did so there and then and the following day I was offered it. Just coincidence of course.

A week later I viewed it. It’s a one bedroom flat in a block of modern terraced houses. I walked in took one look at the newly fitted galley kitchen and said I’ll take it but then it was oh dear for the bedroom and living room. Four layers of wallpaper painted lurid vinyl silk cream (it was too sickly to be magnolia). But two weeks later I moved in anyway!

Still the kitchen is brilliant and the bedroom almost exactly a month later is a lovely deep lilac thanks to the help of some good friends. As I write the living room is wallpaper stripped and looking a bit sad but in a few weeks it will be a lovely neutral beige.

I love my flat it’s in North East Manchester just a short bus ride up the Oldham Road from the city centre. My flat is first floor (common secure entrance with buzzer for 4 flats) with its own private secure entrance inside. It’s a cul-de-sac so there’s hardly any traffic and opposite me is a park so I wake up and look at trees and an open space – wonderful! The living room has a huge picture window so it’s light and airy and that too looks onto the park. The view from the kitchen at the back is like looking on to the back of Coronation Street – pure Manchester I love it.

I’ve got a Netto and an Iceland as my corner shops and a Lidl at the end of the high street but the real discovery was a Morrison’s supermarket at the end of my cul-de-sac and a few hundred yards up the canal towpath. So I can enjoy the ducks and geese on my shopping trips and if I’m lucky watch a canal boat navigate the locks. I just love the place and this was a move that didn’t just save my life but gives me hope of recovery.

I’ve got an NHS dentist at the end of my road so I went in mumbling I’ve not been for six years and now I’m on the Manchester Dental Hospital waiting list for some extensive dental work. That’s sort of good & bad really as I’m a scaredy cat as regards dentistry.

Best of all on the health side I’ve got a new young female GP and of course the relationship is now governed by my female birth certificate. I’ve got to wait for the Exceptional Funding Committee again but as South Staffordshire approved my surgery it’s just a formality really as it would be illegal now to disrupt my clinical pathway. I don’t anticipate problems like I had in Staffordshire but if we do we can use the same legal arguments to defeat any prejudiced bureaucrat.

My GP made me laugh today when she said the exceptional funding committee was exceptionally slow so I expect my surgery will be in the New Year. She had no hesitation though in supplying me the requisite sick notes to be able to claim Employment Support (that’s the new name for Incapacity Benefit). I’m going to have another go at Disability Living Allowance too as my medical condition has significantly worsened since my last application.

Finally though the greatest part of this move is the people of Manchester who just simply treat me as what I am a disabled old lady. I get no abuse and I get lots of smiles and I even got seriously chatted up the other day by a rather handsome mixed race Asian man. I’ve got a long way to go on the road to recovery from the damage done to my health by the bigots of my former workplace but here everyone without exception has made me feel welcome and I’m very proud to say I’m now a Mancunian too.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

WARNING GIRES information is not always legally sound

The Department of Health has authorised the publication of "A guide to trans service users' rights", the sixth in the series of booklets that it has commissioned the Gender Identity Research and Education (GIRES) to develop.

The new booklet is available online at:

GIRES is currently working on the next two booklets, which provide guidance on surgery for trans men and for trans women.

Readers need to be aware that these booklets are produced against a background of how the Department of Health want to protect the National Health Service discriminatory practices as regards true transsexuals.

Firstly none of them mention the Mental Capacity Act that renders all current procedures and processes illegal.

Secondly the Department of Health has continually tried to undermine the Gender Recognition Act.

I have letters from the Department of Health that illustrate the depth of the prejudice against transsexual people who they believe to be mentally ill sexual deviants.

This is from the new publication with my comments:

GIRES Booklet in italics:

1.3 Would having a Gender Recognition Certificate make any difference to my treatment?

This may make staff more aware of using correct names and titles and more willing to give you appropriate accommodation in a hospital ward.

This is an incredibly condescending sentence as if the law doesn’t exist!

It entitles you to special protection against information about your trans status or history being passed on to others (see Privacy versus disclosure at section

1.4) but it should not make any difference to your medical treatment.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

In medical terms you, as a trans service user, may well have mixed sex characteristics. Your ongoing medical care must be provided in accordance with these, REGARDLESS of your legal gender status, e.g. trans women may still need prostate gland checks, while trans men do not. Both trans men and trans women may benefit from breast checks as they get older.

Now this is classic Department of Health spin the second part is correct in the sense that medical science isn’t good enough to remove and change every part of your body BUT a Gender Recognition Certificate means that you cannot legally be forced into psychiatric assessments or attending a Gender Identity Clinic.

Most importantly it gives you the absolute legal right to the surgeon of your choice at the hospital of your choice.

The Department of Health lawyers know all this they just don’t want you have the same rights as “normal” people.

When dealing with any part of the Department of Health or Health Service never lose sight of the fact that they don’t want to treat you as they consider it all self inflicted lifestyle changes brought about by mental illness through sexual deviancy.

Think that’s an exaggeration then look at DSM IV the American Psychiatrists manual that sets the diagnosis and treatment for transsexuals here in England!

The problem is that too many people in the medical establishment think that’s correct and cling to it. Remember they hated giving up the mental illness classification for homosexual people and would love to have it back.

It would be so much better if people like GIRES who are genuinely trying to improve things for transsexuals stopped accepting the status quo and became a militant organisation demanding real change.

Perhaps they should become gender guerrilla girls too…

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Think you're above the law - think again...

This story caught my attention for a variety of reasons.

The General Teaching Council for England has ruled that a former Education, Training and Employment Manager at Brighton & Hove City Council was guilty of discriminating against a teacher because she was transgender.

The important message to all true transsexual or transgender people is never give up and never accept defeat.

This lady has demonstrated no matter how much an employer tries to use it's substantial resources to justify discrimination the truth will come out.

I'm proud she decided to stand up and show that bigotry is evil and that transphobia can be defeated.

Well done Natasha Thoday you are a real woman...

Here are the links:

I trust some of my readers will learn the lesson from this story...

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Progress? You be the judge...

Christine Burns formerly of Press For Change has produced a document for the NHS that tries to justify illegal treatment regimes on the basis of care.

The Mental Capacity Act implications are ignored which is no surprise and the crucial Gender Recognition Act that changes the legal basis of the recipient in terms of their entitlement to surgery without preconditions is glossed over.

See my blog entry of 1 November 2008 for a simple pathway that removes the prejudicial treatment by NHS psychiatrists.

It would be so much better if the NHS she describes were real not spin.

There are some good things in the document but it implies throughout that you are transsexual for life, which is not the legal case.

Here is an example from this work:

Much of the sensitivity about terms and who is applying them is rooted in past tensions between trans people and previous generations of clinicians. In the UK, clinical involvement for people expressing gender identities at variance from their physical sex has been led for more than 40 years by psychiatrists, with approaches that were originally grounded in theories about sexual deviancy and mental disorder.

In other countries clinical involvement has been led from different disciplines such as endocrinology or by gynecologists and urologists.

Nowadays even psychiatrists are at pains to stress that the inclusion of transsexual terminology in mental health categories reflects the historical demand for a formal diagnosis on which to base treatment, and the widely appreciated need for talking therapies to support people through taking an immense step in their lives, often in the face of disapproval among those they know.

It cannot be overemphasised that being trans is not a mental illness.

The problem is that this is not in the past this is NHS spin.

The reality is the same Gender Identity Clinics and the same abusive, demeaning, degrading practices exist today.

You can get a copy of Christine Burns work for the NHS at this link:

I am sure Christine Burns means well with her work but it ignores the rather obvious need to abolish the Gender Identity Clinics and remove the mental illness classification for ever.

Transition for the true transsexual is a process that any GP could assist in managing simply by calling down the services the person transitioning requests.

That appears to be too simple for the medical professionals to grasp, as they cannot seem to accept that being a true transsexual is a self diagnosed condition.

It is a birth defect where the brain sex is different to the anatomical sex.

Notice I deliberately use the word sex not gender as talking about gender is not the same issue.

Fine words are not enough…

Transgender Europe now headed by good King Stephen thinks with the American Psychiatric Association based on a fair unbiased review of current knowledge can result in a DSM-V that can move society toward a more rational and humane understanding of transgender people.

HA, HA you can’t negotiate with psychiatrists that make a good living out of the bogus mental illness classification of the true transsexual.

They acknowledge that the review process will go on for several years and the APA welcomes suggestions from laypersons as well as mental health professionals in this process.


It is an infringement of Human Rights to declare someone mentally ill and force him or her into psychiatric treatments because they have a birth defect.

What Transgender Europe should do is take the Department of Health to the European Court of Human Rights to force the National Health Service to cease it’s current unscientific demeaning and degrading practices. It is a sick joke by Caucasian males heterosexuals to invent a “real life test” that requires someone to spend months in drag before an effective body changing hormone regime can be obtained.

It is obscene that children who know they have the birth defect of a true transsexual have to go through body changing puberty before they get treatment when safe puberty delaying drugs are available.

This is Transgender Europe Press Release that good King Stephen must be pleased with…

Despite much scientific controversy, forms of transgender continue to be listed in the DSM IV of the American Psychological Association (APA), just as homosexuality once was, and in the ICD-10 of the World Health Organization (WHO) as psychological disorders. DSM and ICD are guideline manuals used in healthcare to standardise the definitions of what constitutes mental illness. Transgender Europe (TGEU) emphatically refuses this pathologisation and will assist the next reformulation of the DSM in a critical manner.”

We, the Steering Committee, are firmly of the conviction that the stigmatization, which in part is grounded in the mistaken assumption that gender variance is prima facie a medical disorder, is discriminatory. Furthermore, we cite the Yogyakarta Principles, Article 18:

No person may be forced to undergo any form of medical or psychological treatment, procedure, testing or be confined to a medical facility, based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Notwithstanding any classifications to the contrary, a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity are not, in and of themselves, medical conditions and are not to be treated, cured or suppressed.

A number of national governments and international bodies have passed resolutions in support of these principles: the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, Organization of American States.

Any revision of the DSM and the ICD must be carried out with full compliance to the Yogyakarta Principles.

Vienna, Nov 1st 2008 The Steering Committee of Transgender Europe

Sorry guys that’s not good enough you know it’s illegal get us an unreserved court judgment now as resolutions are not law but then good King Stephen knows that…

Saturday, 1 November 2008

“The PCT is pleased to be able to confirm that you may proceed with surgery at the Sussex Nuffield Hospital.”

A simple sentence that has transformed my life and will make it easier for every true transsexual to obtain the treatment of his or her choice in the future.

This is a major result achieved without having to resort to the courts that confirms some vital legal and medical facts.

It has been achieved against a culture of prejudice that regrettably still permeates the National Health Service and the Department of Health.

There is still a lot of work to be done before the war to remove the bogus mental illness classification is won but this is a victory so as Montgomery said after Al-Alamein “Ring out the Bells”!

These are the important points I’ve established:

#1 You do not need anyone’s permission or approval to change gender. You just do it.

#2 Change your name by statutory declaration immediately you transition. This is vital as it is the start date to get a gender recognition certificate.

#3 See your GP on the same day who must confirm an initial diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” and arrange an appointment with a local psychiatrist.

#4 One and only one single hour appointment is all that is required with a general clinical psychiatrist to establish proof that you have no mental illnesses. Get yourself discharged back to GP care not an NHS Gender Clinic.

#5 Via your GP ask your PCT to fund your referral to the London Gender Clinic run by Dr Richard Curtis. If they refuse then fund this your self. Believe me it’s worth it, as you will avoid all problems of the NHS system that is designed for gender confused transvestic fetishists.

#6 Obtain NHS prescription for hormone and anti-androgen therapy from your GP on a joint care basis with Dr Richard Curtis of the London Gender Clinic.

#7 As soon as it is 24 months from your statutory declaration of change of name apply for a gender recognition certificate.

#8 As soon as you have a gender recognition certificate and a new birth certificate in your true gender apply for NHS funding for surgery for correction of birth defect by a surgeon of your choice in a hospital of your choice. Warning do not pick Charing Cross as they will insist on you going to their Gender Identity Clinic who ignore #1 to #7.

#9 Be prepared to use the law to get your funding. The Sex Discrimination Act, The Gender Recognition Act, The Mental Capacity Act and the Human Rights Act are now in your favour as you are legally of the gender that you have transitioned to and the NHS cannot apply their arbitrary unscientific prejudiced rules that they get away with those who accept referral to the Gender Identity Clinics prior to transition.

#10 Enjoy the fact that that you have the surgeon of your choice at the hospital of your choice and the fact that you are not and never were mentally ill.

Of course none of this will protect you from the evil prejudice you will encounter from some members of the public whilst they either know your former gender or guess it. After three years of hormone therapy I have no problems other than the determined bigots of my workplace and I have the law on my side on that one too.

In earlier entries I’ve reproduced the letters and legal arguments we’ve used to get this result. They are valid for everyone with a gender recognition certificate.

I don’t feel the need to write much more in blog form on this subject as I ceased to be a transsexual the day I got my gender recognition certificate so I will bow out and let others fight on for our rights.

Unless of course I’m persuaded otherwise…. LOL

The lesson here is keep your faith and justice will prevail.

God bless you all.