Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Maybe I am maybe I'm not…

Unsure of your gender? Not feeling you belong to either? Or let’s make it more powerful:

Unsure of your sex? But want to change to neither?

Well then there may be an option for you? Well that’s if Christie Elan-Cane is successful in her campaign and Simon Hughes MP draft legislation becomes law.

Christine nailed per colours to the mast in her speech "The Fallacy of the Myth of Gender" at the Gendys Conference, 2000. Yes that long ago but now per reappeared with a non-gender specific option.

See for the speech

and per website at

I used “per” as not gender specific like his/her.

Having read her arguments I can easily buy the Human Rights one of choosing not to declare a gender as being as valid a Human Right as being able to chose male or female.

I’ve long argued that a simple legal declaration of permanent change should be sufficient to effect a legal change of sex.

Note I use sex not gender here as transsexual people change their sex whereas transgender people change their gender presentation on a permanent or temporary basis but keep their sex unchanged.

Of course this is where the confusion lies with the public and the medical establishment.

Being a transsexual person is a transitory thing once you have a gender recognition certificate you have legally changed sex regardless of whether you had surgical modifications.

I worry about the third option, as it requires an understanding of gender as a social construct and an acceptance that the fundamental choice of sex belongs to the individual.

I worry that whilst the mental illness qualification remains changing your sex would become harder to do when it should be made simpler.

Still despite that I support Christie in the sense I would do nothing to hinder her campaign.

I still however believe the real Human Rights abuse is the mental illness classification of anyone who temporarily or permanently changes their gender and most importantly those who permanently change their sex.

But then to misquote Mandy “she would say that wouldn’t she” LOL

Make your own mind up and support Christie if you can…

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