Saturday, 6 September 2008

6 to 8 tops - make my day LOL

It’s been an interesting week really though the amount of things I can reveal in this blog is still limited for legal reasons. Anyway that stuff aside I managed to get to Manchester on Tuesday and avoided the torrential downpours. God smiles on the righteous LOL

At the moment my life is full of ups & downs step forwards and step backs though I have an unexplainable faith in my future that keeps me going. I was a bit down in the dumps when I set off. Where I live is a seriously depressing place if you can see through the veneer of respectability but as soon as I got to Piccadilly the Manchester buzz hit me.

I didn’t really know before what it was but my Ex Chris described Uttoxeter as a town split by a serious lack of tolerance and that’s probably as good an explanation as any. Manchester has a lot more tolerance and that “we’re in this together lets make the best of it” attitude compared to Uttoxeter petty jealousies.

Joana and I had a good long conversation whilst she weaved her magic. Her view was that my strength is that I can talk to anyone and not care how they might perceive me because the message I give off is look this is me, this is how I am, take it or leave it and that’s very powerful. I can see prejudice and I can simply ignore it as I can’t be goaded into a reaction no matter what the provocation.

Joana and I fundamentally get on as she knows there’s not a prejudiced bone in my body and I am delighted when I see Black people storm the gates of Caucasian bigotry. That’s a woman thing as men are fundamentally elitist. Oops are my feminist tendencies showing LOL

Anyway after an enjoyable and relaxing time and with my hair looking great it was off to Primark. It must have been the last day of the school holidays as it was packed with trendy dressed 14 to 16 year olds desperately trying to look 18 to 20 but not quite pulling it off. Nice selection of boots there but I just wanted a couple of autumn weight tops. I don’t do cardigans, OK I do sweaters and hoodies but it takes a lot to get me in a cardi LOL Didn’t find anything that said buy me in a shop full of new stock.

So back to Piccadilly and coffee and muffins on the train. Quick aside here I just love Virgin pendalino trains they are just so cool. Got back dropped into Tesco and Lidl. I just love putting their stuff in free Tesco bags and yes I do recycle I use them for cat poo LOL. I missed the rain again.

Next few days rain, rain, rain still I got lots of admin cleared up and then today I went to Peacocks (again missing the rain) and had a good browse until I spotted exactly what I’d failed to find in Primark two rouched fronted mid sleeve two in one thicker material T shirt type tops. Exactly what I wanted and the size 6 to 8 fitted perfectly. Oh how I love that store size 10 jeans and size 8 tops fit me just right. Psychologically that is wonderful for someone with my background. It’s put me in a good mood and I know it’s silly as my wardrobe has sizes from 8 to 12 in it but I thought what a perfect end to a testing week and things can only get better from here…


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