Monday, 25 August 2008

Real trans bigotry...

"I didn’t “learn” how to act like a woman or think like one, all I had to do was stop actively trying to not do these things. I suffered almost none of the transphobia in the greater world they (transgender) constantly are complaining about. Transition for me was literally the easiest thing in the world other than the fallout most of us get from those who knew us pre-transition. It was a coming home, not an act.”

I wish I’d written that but credit to Rev. Cathryn Platine the lady that did.

My problems relate to the bunch of bigots that cannot accept that you can be born with a female brain and a male body and that at some stage it becomes transition or die.

This is a far too simple a truth for both society and the medical establishment to accept.

The NHS for example has built a model of transition to female that is for gay men. It excludes transsexual people because transsexual people know it’s not a hierarchical game of gaining points by telling the gender psychiatrist what he wants to hear in the correct sequence.

Real life is not a controlled psychiatric test no matter what some charlatan medics believe.

One of the biggest problems transsexual women face is now effectively separating us from the medical and legal politics of the Trans movement dominated by the male or female transvestic fetishist.

For too long we’ve played the game driven by our overriding desire to get surgery. Attempts at negotiation flounder because of the vested financial interests and control the medical establishment has backed by a discriminatory Government excused by meaningless apologists.

More radical and legal action is needed and I intend to be one of those helping it happen and I don’t fight on my own…


One of the best and easiest to grasp articles from “Riding the Second Wave (post -modern second wave feminist thoughts from a post-trans perspective)”

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