Friday, 15 August 2008

Give children their rights…

One of the things I believe passionately in is allowing children the right to delay their puberty if they believe they have the wrong body.

We have the drugs and there is no evidence of harm to the child in their administration and the results from delaying puberty and then applying cross gender hormones are spectacular.

The problem as usual is the psychiatrist not the endocrinologist and this is why the bogus mental illness classification of transsexualism must go.

The psychiatrists are consolidating their bigotry by appointing the lead persecutor to head the review of DSM V that’s the man that believes all transsexuals are gay men without penises and being transsexual is a bad outcome for a gay child.

Those of us who are transsexual know this is rubbish. I knew I should not grow up into a man in early childhood. It was the 50s the heyday of electric shock therapy guess what I didn’t articulate it – just stopped eating for a while.

The situation here in the United Kingdom is a disgrace with as usual the small group of bogus gender specialists pretty much refusing treatment except in the most extreme cases. This is resulting in people having to take their children overseas not that’s dissimilar to the adult situation where the majority of transsexuals go private or overseas to remove themselves from the transvestic fetishist obsession within Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic.

So as usual we need law changes to get transsexual children their rights. The Mental Capacity Act needs to be extended to include children over eight years of age and the mental illness classification abolished and replaced by neurological condition.

The NHS could do a lot better by recruiting transsexual people to act as scrutinisers of endocrinologists. The psychiatric gender specialists need to be exiled. There’s an unused former leper colony just off Crete that seems the best place for them to me.

I was prompted to write this article by one in Guardian entitled 'My body is wrong'.

Now in terms of the detail of the article I take great exception to Dr Domenico di Ceglie who is promoting his book trying to make a credible scientific theory out of one exceptional case. It illustrates all that is wrong in terms of the "observers of transsexualism" and is not a valid scientific argument.

The unpalatable facts for the medical establishment is that transsexualism is a self diagnosed condition and only the individual knows the truth and can decide what to do about it. The important thing is to (without bias) inform the individual child and let them decide. A psychiatrist must never, never, never tell someone their “diagnosis” as that does more damage than anything else.

Transsexualism is a birth defect and it is the absolute human right of the child and no one else to decide what to do.

This is the article – enjoy!

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