Sunday, 24 August 2008

Congratulations good king Stephen…

Well now I spotted this headline to a press release “EQUALITY EXPERTS, BUSINESS AND UNIONS TO HELP MAKE BRITAIN FAIRER” now there is a bit of a contradiction there.
Since when has business (capitalism) had anything to do with human rights and fairness?

As soon as we got close to an educated skilled well-paid manufacturing based economy along comes globalisation to export the jobs to low wage economies where business can exploit the workers more effectively than one with a minimum wage. Business equals as close as possible to slave labour it has nothing to do with fairness.

This press release is from HM Government Equalities Office set up to nullify the effects of the Human Rights Act so that our Government can continue to do the minimum it has to as regards worker and welfare rights.

They say: “The Government Equalities Office (GEO) today announced a new senior stakeholder group to support development of a new equality framework which will help make Britain a fairer and more equal place.

The group will provide advice to the GEO and its Ministers on how to further strengthen equality protection and to streamline the law. This will include both those measures to be included in the Equality Bill and accompanying non-legislative measures.”

Just a quick translation of that is HM Government intend to have as much as they can as non-legally enforceable guidelines and we now have a talking shop to satisfy the expenses claims of the people we know will sell out the people they may represent or even better don’t actually represent the people they claim to.

So it came as no surprise to find on this sell out the people list none other than Prof. Stephen Whittle OBE of Press for Change.

Here is the biography that HM Government would want you to believe.

I’ve translated it for you. My translation in italics:

Founder and Vice-President of Press for Change.

Lets not say that here that PFC is an unelected self interest group.

The OBE recognised his outstanding and long term contribution to the development of social and legal recognition for transsexual people over the course of more than 30 years.

HM Government was delighted that he helped enshrine the bogus mental illness classification into English Law thereby protecting the financial interests of the gender psychiatrists.

HM Government was delighted that this appalling abuse of Human Rights allows an inherently transphobic society to continue its abuses.

During that time Stephen had not only become recognised throughout the world as a leading academic legal expert in this field (one of the foremost authorities to whom lawyers turn for advice), but he had also helped to lead a revolution in the organisation and self-awareness of transsexual people throughout the world, inspiring others to come together to form an international community through lecturing, writing, media appearances and mentoring a new generation of campaigners.

That is a myth. We can however credit him with inventing the Trans word thereby creating a grouping of Drag Queen entertainers, Gay men and Transvestites with people who have a neurological birth defect.

Stephen Whittle is now Professor of Equalities Law at Manchester Metropolitan University where he taught for many years in the areas of Contemporary Social Law, Gender, Sexual Orientation and the Law, and Human Rights.

He’s well paid and as such has no experience of the realities of the majority of transsexual women who are forced into prostitution, as no employer will take them.

He is a founder and vice-president of Press For Change, which campaigns for respect and equality for all trans people.

No Press For Change has abandoned fighting for the human rights of transsexual people not to be classified as being mentally ill in their determination to represent a larger section of the population.

He is also co-ordinator of the UK’s support network for ’female to male’ trans people.

He transitioned from female to male himself in the mid-1970s, having come from a background of Women’s Liberation and Gay Liberation politics at that time, and he has very much retained his feminist and queer political views that were developed then.

I stop my translation here for legal reasons LOL

Now this last paragraph is probably the most revealing of this person’s core motivation.

It may get interesting for the great professor when the psychiatrists consolidate their position in DSM V, where I have little doubt they will classify transsexual women as gay men without penises and transsexual men as bearded women without breasts, but on the other hand if you were proud of your feminist and queer political views would you actually care?

The issue that every female transsexual knows is that lesbians simply do not accept the female brain & male body neurological explanation of transsexual women. A lot of the problems transsexual women face are directly a result of the over representation of lesbians in LBGT union politics. Not that we want to be there anyway and would prefer they dropped the T and just used LBG.

So lets summarise.

HM Government and particularly the Department of Health can continue to exploit male to female transsexuals, as they are mentally ill. What sane man would want to reject his penis?

HM Government will be a lot nicer to female to male transsexuals as all heterosexual males understand lesbian female penis envy.

HM Government will continue to provide legislation to enable capitalists to create and exploit a low wage service economy.

HM Government will continue to create meaningless talking shops and avoid primary human rights affecting their friends in business.

Or put another way:

Sod you workers and drop outs we’re OK and we don’t care.

I just wish I was 18 again as then I’d lead the revolution in the streets as I fear the only way to stop this evil is direct action against the source.

God save us all…

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