Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Confuse and pathologise after all it is mental illness…

Had a bit of a rambling convo with “J” today essentially he was trying to get me to kiss & make up with the union LBGT forum – fat chance of that LOL

The way the conversation went reminded me that politicians and mental health practitioners have an awful lot in common really – both want to maintain the status quo to protect their financial interests and Human Rights don’t enter into it.

I think every LBGT member of Unite should recite this until they understand it.

There is no valid medical evidence that being transgender or transsexual is a mental illness.

There was no evidence for homosexuality either and that mental illness classification was abolished in the 1970s.

T is such a broad category in LBGT that it is meaningless.

For example a gay drag queen has nothing in common with a transsexual woman other than they can both be abused and discriminated against for “daring to be different”.

Transsexual people have no choice but to transition or die.

Transgender people do not share the same issues as transsexual people as transgender people are not making a permanent change.

The law has changed and the medical establishment must acknowledge the Gender Recognition Act and the Mental Capacity Act in its treatment of both transgender and transsexual people’s medical needs.

Neither transgender or transsexual people should be subject to the Mental Health Act and risk being sectioned by a transphobic society.

No medical professional that allows or supports a person being subjected to an electric convulsive charge belongs in this century’s medical establishment.

It really is this simple - it is an infringement of a transgender or transsexual person’s human rights to consider them mentally ill.

Here are some examples from the web of the way transsexual people are being excluded within the transgender umbrella.

Press Releases

The British Psychological Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology’s Northern Ireland Branch

Psychologists reject claim that gay people require psychiatric counselling

The Professional body for Clinical Psychology in Northern Ireland* rejects the call made by Iris Robinson, Chair of the Stormont Health Committee, that gay people should seek psychiatric counselling in an attempt to help them be "turned around".

Clinical psychologists and other health professionals recognise and value the full range of heterosexual, lesbian, gay and transgender sexual orientations. Clinical psychologists do not view these forms of sexual preferences as ‘disorders’ and do not see an individual’s sexual orientations as something that can or should be changed. We know of no recognised or accredited forms of ‘psychiatric counselling’ that can help people ‘turn round’.

Of course, it is recognised that, especially in a homophobic society many people, whether gay or straight, have emotional problems associated with their sexuality. If a person is experiencing psychological problems because of their sexual orientation clinical psychologists work to promote a positive view of their sexual identity and to help resolve any difficulties.

Dr Nicola Rooney, Chair of the Division of Clinical Psychology’s Northern Ireland Branch said:

"Personally, I see my role as a clinical psychologist as being one where I help people achieve the maximum possible sense of personal well-being, whatever their sexuality.

If there is a role for ‘psychiatric counselling’ in this area, perhaps it might be better used in helping people develop a more tolerant and well-informed view of their fellow citizens

Now notice the words transgender sexual orientations that’s a new one but then I suppose it was inevitable LGB are sexual orientations but the T is not when T= transsexual though it might or might not be for T= transgender.

Here’s another quote:

From the Letters section of The Psychologist:

The trans community is split in their appreciation of the diagnosis of gender identity disorder (GID) in the DSM IV-TR or its equivalent; transsexualism in the ICD 10.

The split occurs because pre-operative people require diagnosis in order to gain access to medical interventions, whereas post-operative people quite rightly do not wish to be regarded as mentally ill as they are not incapacitated by being trans people.

Note that this writer thinks that pre-operative you are mentally ill but once you have the operation Hallelujah you are cured!

It is all just part of the global industry of transgender where transsexual people are a commodity to be exploited.

This is a case for gender guerrilla girl LOL…

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