Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The real objective is brainwashing…

I’m often asked to talk about why I want to see the mental illness classification of transgender & transsexual people removed.

There are many answers I can give but the simple truth is that it’s only a mental illness because we say so. We of course are the charlatan psychiatrists and their made up theories.

It doesn’t take much research to find that gender theory as we know it is an invention of the sixties and the seventies reflecting the desire to control anyone who posed a threat to society’s norms. In many ways gender theory was a backlash to the promiscuous cultural changes of the era.

It was after all bad enough to let women have their freedom by simple and effective birth control without letting the evil gender benders confuse the heterosexual male and threaten the very fabric of family values.

I love that phrase and similar ones like good working class families that are used by male exploiters the world over to keep women in their place (submissive to men).

After all poor men with all their perceived (actually mostly real) inadequacies have enough to cope with in terms of their fear of rejection by women and the humiliation of being perceived as gay without having to cope with feminist women who were once men.

This is of course not fair on men as these people (transgender and transsexual) have been let into the male club exposed to its rules and know the secrets. God forbid they work with others (women) to bring down the artificial social construct of a male dominated society.

So transsexual and transgender people face made up arbitrary rules if they have to face the medical profession to get hormones or surgery. Of course the closer you are to state control the worse the arbitrary and draconian nature of the laughingly described “standards of care”.

In the NHS Gender Identity Clinics there is no care just a series of barriers and rules that must be obeyed or you will be denied treatment.


The NHS psychiatrists are charged by the Department of Health with producing a subservient passive “female” entity and the whole process is designed to wear down and break the spirit of the transsexual or transgender person so they know their place in society. (For HM Government that is somewhere below the long term incapacity benefit "scroungers" that they delight in persecuting rather than providing an attractive minimum wage).

My research shows that you can easily divide postoperative transsexuals or rather women, as they should be called, into two distinct types. Those that have been through the NHS Gender Identity Clinics and have become brainwashed into zombie like beings that can’t seem to function without the permission of the medical establishment and those who said “F**k you” to the system and went private and have retained unique interesting personalities.

Perhaps I’m being too simplistic as within the NHS patients there are a few who just lied and played the game and suffered less psychological damage but they are a rarity. The majority have been deeply and permanently damaged.

How do I know this because I’m an expert at analysing people, their motivations and getting them to do something they normally wouldn’t? I’ve studied the techniques of manipulation, mind games if you like and I used them very successfully as a sales consultant (I love that phrase it conjures up so much scheming and subterfuge).

I’ve also studied manipulation of the masses, yes I’ve done my marketing diploma too LOL

What we have in terms of NHS treatment paths copies classic brainwashing techniques and dresses everything up in pseudo-science after all they do it in your "best interest".

The reality is no such thing as treatment paths are just there to protect male supremacy after all who could possibly want to reject their penis unless they were mad!

In the final analysis all this comes down to individual responsibility and decision making versus state control.

I will not allow the State to control my destiny, it is mine to control and no one will brainwash me into believing differently…

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