Friday, 11 July 2008

Observations from the Trades Union Congress LBGT conference…

I suppose I should start with a positive as the Park Inn Hotel in Southampton Row was lovely and just a stroll from TUC headquarters.

After the excellent fringe meeting with Peter Tatchell (see separate blog entry) and a good pre-conference breakfast things though started to go downhill.

I found Kate & Ina that I had met from our Unite LBGT conference and finally got to see my regional LBGT delegate and our glorious leader.

Why do lesbians assume transsexual women can’t read body language and all the other subtle signals that all women read to survive?

Probably because they can’t understand that whilst you might have been unfortunate to be born with a male body your brain is firmly female.

I don’t really want to get into the nature versus nurture argument here but the fact is transsexual women have no choice but to transition and there is no cure other than permanent change.

So did I believe the false surprise about only just finding out the amendment to the motion was being dismissed by Angela Clayton –nah!

A few words here on that women, I managed to squeeze in 10 minutes of her holding court in the lunchtime transgender meeting, it was not a pleasant experience with her boasting she had gender recognition certificate no 3.

I would have been there for all of it if my delegate had actually done her job properly by preparing a speech based on the two documents I personally emailed her.

Anyway Angela Clayton & Tamsin Piper are the unopposed “elected” members of the TUC LBGT Committee. They offer the same intellectual contribution to transsexual & transgender human rights as Yogi Bear & Boo Boo. Actually I’m being unfair to Yogi & Boo Boo here LOL.

Press for Change of which Angela Clayton is a vice-president have a vested financial interest in the maintenance of the mental illness classification supporting the psychiatric control of transition.

She has an MBE from a grateful government for helping produce a shameful piece of legislation enshrining the role of gender specialists (almost exclusively psychiatrists) into English law.

I noted some delegates appeared to be in awe of her MBE going along with her 20th century reactionary thinking even though what she says is reminiscent of the anti-gay establishment arguments of the 1970s.

I also noted some of her “semi-stealth” supporters exhibiting the attitude that I had a long hard difficult time transitioning so why shouldn’t you.

I abhor this viewpoint and it deserves nothing less than ridicule, as does the transsexual people worry about access to surgery if it’s not a mental illness statement.

There was more but I’m getting bored with repeating their stupidity.

My conclusion is that Press For Change has hijacked the TUC in an attempt to give them a legitimacy that they do not deserve. The whole Union process of LBGT Union politics is a distraction and a waste of my time.

These are the truths that are self-evident:

You do not need permission to change gender.

You do not need approval to change gender.

Changing gender is not a mental illness.

What I’ve learnt on my personal journey is that being female is in the mind whether it is, as I believe, a pre-birth neurological condition or a life style choice doesn’t matter.

The state must acknowledge a permanent change of gender and minus the medical requirement the Gender Recognition Act it does this.

The Sex Discrimination Act definition of intends to undergo gender reassignment is wrong it is the intent to live permanently in the gender opposite to that classified at birth that counts.

It is a fundamental human right of each individual to decide which of the two legal genders they belong to.

It is not wrong to temporarily switch between genders for any reason lifestyle, sexual or other.

If someone wants to live as a “third gender” maybe modifying secondary sexual characteristics by surgery or hormones they have the right to do so.

If someone wants to modify or remove their primary sexual organs they have an absolute right to do so.

At the end of the day all this boils down to individual responsibility and each person accepting that no one else can define or know who/what you are.

Transsexual or Transgender is a Human Rights issue it has nothing to do with psychiatry.

Kate & Ina gave their permission for this image to be used in my blog.

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