Thursday, 17 July 2008

I’m now a gender guerrilla…

Think I'll trade mark the T shirt! LOL

I’ve been advised that in view of the potential legal case against South Staffordshire PCT I should refrain from comments, ridicule, satire etc in this blog in terms of my personal case.

I’ll just say one thing I am a woman.

I have to curtail my comments on my employer too for the same reason still never mind as one day there will be an almighty catch up! LOL

I feel however I must pay tribute to my supporters and one lady in particular- “Dr LR” you are an incredible friend and I’m so glad you’re on my side girl.

One thing I know, whether I win, lose or draw my personal cases, is that eventually the combined power of love and truth will prevail.

I am prepared to sacrifice myself for the greater good of all transsexual and transgender people. My biggest heroes all went to their death because of their beliefs but left a legacy of truth and love that changed the world.

That doesn’t mean as a gender guerrilla I’m intending to become a terrorist or suicide bomber LOL. Everyone who knows me understands that I abhor violence of any sort and whilst I support (and encourage) non-violent direct action that is my limit.

The fight to free all transsexual and transgender people from the stigma and pathologization of a bogus mental illness will never stop and total victory will come.

God bless you all…

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