Monday, 7 July 2008

Beyond the fringe...

Last week I went to the TUC LBGT conference. I was supposed to be there two days but I walked out in protest mid-afternoon on the first day. I won't be going back my days in Unite LBGT Forum are over. A full report on that to follow...

The highlight of my visit was however listening to Peter Tatchell speak at a fringe meeting. I admire Peter for his conviction politics and wanted him to support my campaign. He has been too influenced by Press For Change establishment thinking in the past.

Anyway his speech on the abuse of LBGT asylum seekers by our own Government was excellent. It’s clearly case of select your weakest most vulnerable people to achieve your deportation targets. He campaigns well with realism that there are no votes in defending Human rights in this area.

He did however make a very important point that the Unions would never have a better time to change Labour Party policy than now by withholding funding. I don’t think it’ll happen though as the leaders of the Unions are as much a part of New Labour apparatus as the MPs.

That New Labour has replaced consulting Unions with consulting faith groups and the consequential compromising of Human Rights was well made.

There is very little tolerance in either Christian or muslim organised faiths for women, gays or transsexuals.

Afterwards I spoke directly to Peter about the need to remove the mental health stigma for transsexual and transgender people as like gay & lesbian this is something you are born with rather than chose.

“But what does it matter if is a lifestyle choice?” asked Peter.

“It doesn’t at all providing you keep the psychiatrists out!” was my reply.

If you believe as I do in Human Rights then you have to be totally inclusive...

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