Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Anyone know Arthur?

After two days of sweltering heat in Uttoxeter it was great to head off to Manchester. It was quite a day…

East Midlands trains were 40 minutes late due to a door problem on the train at Derby. The nice conductor man told me that. They do have lovely courteous staff in that company. Anyway I thought oh no connection missed long wait at Stoke but no the Cross Country train was late too so instead of a 30 min wait for a connection it was just 3 minutes so I arrived in Manchester just 5 minutes behind schedule. Manchester Piccadilly seemed unusually busy but I thought no more of it and caught the first bus to Cheetham Hill.

Joana was busy as usual weaving her magic and transforming people but she’d figured out a slot to get me through quickly. Well that’s quickly by Afro-Caribbean time. Visiting Joana is not a rushed experience but then I suppose to look good it shouldn’t be.

As usual it was fun and a reminder of how inspirational some people can be.

“I’m getting married,” said one of Joana’s clients.
Who to?”
“Arthur” “
Arthur Who?”
“Arthur Rightist”.
“Do I know him? Does he walk past the salon?”
“No he’s here now”


The lady had bad arthritis but made everyone laugh as the penny dropped.

“You’ve got to make the best of things haven’t you?” was her final comment before smiling and leaving.

That says it all really in terms of why I love Manchester and admire its people.

Poor, black, arthritic but not broken or down. God bless her.

Anyway after that I met Chris my Ex who I hadn’t seen for months face to face though we speak most weeks. I got treated to a muffin and a coffee and then we hit the shops. It’s the first time we’ve chatted and shopped together since my transition. It was just great. We have pretty much the same tastes in clothes although Chris says I’m girlier than her, but we know what works for us fashion wise. It was a great girly afternoon not that our Chris really does them LOL

I bought a cool jacket from Peacocks and two tops from Primark. Chris had already bought a pair of shoes and a top before I arrived but she did find a great Marks & Spencer top though the for work trousers she tried there were too long.

Anyway back to Piccadilly total chaos with departure board and announcements so I just walked along platform found the London train and thought they’ll get this one away. Evidently there were points problems but we got away on time but didn’t get any speed up until Macclesfield. Twenty minutes late at Stoke. Had I missed the connection? No a two-minute wait and I’m back on East Midlands trains. So despite the delays both outward and return journeys took no longer than scheduled LOL

I got back tired but totally de-stressed. This is what my transition is all about. No matter the bigots at the factory and the Primary Care Trust attempts to frustrate and destroy me this was the real world. A simple day to live for in the company of your best friend with no discrimination or hassle all day – it doesn’t come any better than that.

This is what the white heterosexual male with their vested interest can’t understand.

Their blind prejudices of how their superiority must be preserved at all costs is a myth and their greed will destroy them.

You don’t need the permission of a psychiatrist to have a female brain.

It’s just a case of go out and enjoy it…

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