Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Anyone know Arthur?

After two days of sweltering heat in Uttoxeter it was great to head off to Manchester. It was quite a day…

East Midlands trains were 40 minutes late due to a door problem on the train at Derby. The nice conductor man told me that. They do have lovely courteous staff in that company. Anyway I thought oh no connection missed long wait at Stoke but no the Cross Country train was late too so instead of a 30 min wait for a connection it was just 3 minutes so I arrived in Manchester just 5 minutes behind schedule. Manchester Piccadilly seemed unusually busy but I thought no more of it and caught the first bus to Cheetham Hill.

Joana was busy as usual weaving her magic and transforming people but she’d figured out a slot to get me through quickly. Well that’s quickly by Afro-Caribbean time. Visiting Joana is not a rushed experience but then I suppose to look good it shouldn’t be.

As usual it was fun and a reminder of how inspirational some people can be.

“I’m getting married,” said one of Joana’s clients.
Who to?”
“Arthur” “
Arthur Who?”
“Arthur Rightist”.
“Do I know him? Does he walk past the salon?”
“No he’s here now”


The lady had bad arthritis but made everyone laugh as the penny dropped.

“You’ve got to make the best of things haven’t you?” was her final comment before smiling and leaving.

That says it all really in terms of why I love Manchester and admire its people.

Poor, black, arthritic but not broken or down. God bless her.

Anyway after that I met Chris my Ex who I hadn’t seen for months face to face though we speak most weeks. I got treated to a muffin and a coffee and then we hit the shops. It’s the first time we’ve chatted and shopped together since my transition. It was just great. We have pretty much the same tastes in clothes although Chris says I’m girlier than her, but we know what works for us fashion wise. It was a great girly afternoon not that our Chris really does them LOL

I bought a cool jacket from Peacocks and two tops from Primark. Chris had already bought a pair of shoes and a top before I arrived but she did find a great Marks & Spencer top though the for work trousers she tried there were too long.

Anyway back to Piccadilly total chaos with departure board and announcements so I just walked along platform found the London train and thought they’ll get this one away. Evidently there were points problems but we got away on time but didn’t get any speed up until Macclesfield. Twenty minutes late at Stoke. Had I missed the connection? No a two-minute wait and I’m back on East Midlands trains. So despite the delays both outward and return journeys took no longer than scheduled LOL

I got back tired but totally de-stressed. This is what my transition is all about. No matter the bigots at the factory and the Primary Care Trust attempts to frustrate and destroy me this was the real world. A simple day to live for in the company of your best friend with no discrimination or hassle all day – it doesn’t come any better than that.

This is what the white heterosexual male with their vested interest can’t understand.

Their blind prejudices of how their superiority must be preserved at all costs is a myth and their greed will destroy them.

You don’t need the permission of a psychiatrist to have a female brain.

It’s just a case of go out and enjoy it…

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Enjoying life...

This is my ex doing what she does best!

Can she ride it - you bet she can!

I followed her to Italy (twice) and Spain (once) on my Ducati so I should know.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The real objective is brainwashing…

I’m often asked to talk about why I want to see the mental illness classification of transgender & transsexual people removed.

There are many answers I can give but the simple truth is that it’s only a mental illness because we say so. We of course are the charlatan psychiatrists and their made up theories.

It doesn’t take much research to find that gender theory as we know it is an invention of the sixties and the seventies reflecting the desire to control anyone who posed a threat to society’s norms. In many ways gender theory was a backlash to the promiscuous cultural changes of the era.

It was after all bad enough to let women have their freedom by simple and effective birth control without letting the evil gender benders confuse the heterosexual male and threaten the very fabric of family values.

I love that phrase and similar ones like good working class families that are used by male exploiters the world over to keep women in their place (submissive to men).

After all poor men with all their perceived (actually mostly real) inadequacies have enough to cope with in terms of their fear of rejection by women and the humiliation of being perceived as gay without having to cope with feminist women who were once men.

This is of course not fair on men as these people (transgender and transsexual) have been let into the male club exposed to its rules and know the secrets. God forbid they work with others (women) to bring down the artificial social construct of a male dominated society.

So transsexual and transgender people face made up arbitrary rules if they have to face the medical profession to get hormones or surgery. Of course the closer you are to state control the worse the arbitrary and draconian nature of the laughingly described “standards of care”.

In the NHS Gender Identity Clinics there is no care just a series of barriers and rules that must be obeyed or you will be denied treatment.


The NHS psychiatrists are charged by the Department of Health with producing a subservient passive “female” entity and the whole process is designed to wear down and break the spirit of the transsexual or transgender person so they know their place in society. (For HM Government that is somewhere below the long term incapacity benefit "scroungers" that they delight in persecuting rather than providing an attractive minimum wage).

My research shows that you can easily divide postoperative transsexuals or rather women, as they should be called, into two distinct types. Those that have been through the NHS Gender Identity Clinics and have become brainwashed into zombie like beings that can’t seem to function without the permission of the medical establishment and those who said “F**k you” to the system and went private and have retained unique interesting personalities.

Perhaps I’m being too simplistic as within the NHS patients there are a few who just lied and played the game and suffered less psychological damage but they are a rarity. The majority have been deeply and permanently damaged.

How do I know this because I’m an expert at analysing people, their motivations and getting them to do something they normally wouldn’t? I’ve studied the techniques of manipulation, mind games if you like and I used them very successfully as a sales consultant (I love that phrase it conjures up so much scheming and subterfuge).

I’ve also studied manipulation of the masses, yes I’ve done my marketing diploma too LOL

What we have in terms of NHS treatment paths copies classic brainwashing techniques and dresses everything up in pseudo-science after all they do it in your "best interest".

The reality is no such thing as treatment paths are just there to protect male supremacy after all who could possibly want to reject their penis unless they were mad!

In the final analysis all this comes down to individual responsibility and decision making versus state control.

I will not allow the State to control my destiny, it is mine to control and no one will brainwash me into believing differently…

Thursday, 17 July 2008

I’m now a gender guerrilla…

Think I'll trade mark the T shirt! LOL

I’ve been advised that in view of the potential legal case against South Staffordshire PCT I should refrain from comments, ridicule, satire etc in this blog in terms of my personal case.

I’ll just say one thing I am a woman.

I have to curtail my comments on my employer too for the same reason still never mind as one day there will be an almighty catch up! LOL

I feel however I must pay tribute to my supporters and one lady in particular- “Dr LR” you are an incredible friend and I’m so glad you’re on my side girl.

One thing I know, whether I win, lose or draw my personal cases, is that eventually the combined power of love and truth will prevail.

I am prepared to sacrifice myself for the greater good of all transsexual and transgender people. My biggest heroes all went to their death because of their beliefs but left a legacy of truth and love that changed the world.

That doesn’t mean as a gender guerrilla I’m intending to become a terrorist or suicide bomber LOL. Everyone who knows me understands that I abhor violence of any sort and whilst I support (and encourage) non-violent direct action that is my limit.

The fight to free all transsexual and transgender people from the stigma and pathologization of a bogus mental illness will never stop and total victory will come.

God bless you all…

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Italian state uses mental illness to disguise homophobia...

Now this story is one of the best illustrations as to why the mental illness classification of transsexual or transgender people must be legally removed on a global basis though we must start here in England.

It is now over 30 years since homosexuality was removed from the list of mental illnesses but if organised religion has it’s way it would be returned to the list of mental illnesses.

It is important to note that if this man (or the Italian state) had declared himself to be transgender or transsexual then the blatant state discrimination would be legal.

Being transgender or transsexual is also a fundamental human right and deserves the same protection from discrimination as homosexuality. This cannot be achieved whilst a bunch of American Caucasian heterosexual males decide what does or doesn’t constitute a mental illness.

An Italian court has ordered the government to pay 100,000 euros (£79,919) to a man who had to retake his driving test because he was gay.

Danilo Giuffrida, now 26, told doctors he was homosexual during a medical examination for military service.

The information was passed to the defence and transport ministries.

Mr Giuffrida was told to repeat his driving test or have his licence suspended because of his "sexual identity disturbance".

Mr Giuffrida passed his test for the second time but his licence was renewed for just one year rather than the usual 10 years because of his homosexuality.

A court in Catania, Sicily, ordered the ministries to pay damages on the basis that Mr Giuffrida's constitutional rights had been breached and that homosexuality could not be considered a "mental illness".

The judge said the actions of the ministries showed "evident sexual discrimination".

Mr Giuffrida welcomed the sentence as "a step forwards for civil rights."

Friday, 11 July 2008

Observations from the Trades Union Congress LBGT conference…

I suppose I should start with a positive as the Park Inn Hotel in Southampton Row was lovely and just a stroll from TUC headquarters.

After the excellent fringe meeting with Peter Tatchell (see separate blog entry) and a good pre-conference breakfast things though started to go downhill.

I found Kate & Ina that I had met from our Unite LBGT conference and finally got to see my regional LBGT delegate and our glorious leader.

Why do lesbians assume transsexual women can’t read body language and all the other subtle signals that all women read to survive?

Probably because they can’t understand that whilst you might have been unfortunate to be born with a male body your brain is firmly female.

I don’t really want to get into the nature versus nurture argument here but the fact is transsexual women have no choice but to transition and there is no cure other than permanent change.

So did I believe the false surprise about only just finding out the amendment to the motion was being dismissed by Angela Clayton –nah!

A few words here on that women, I managed to squeeze in 10 minutes of her holding court in the lunchtime transgender meeting, it was not a pleasant experience with her boasting she had gender recognition certificate no 3.

I would have been there for all of it if my delegate had actually done her job properly by preparing a speech based on the two documents I personally emailed her.

Anyway Angela Clayton & Tamsin Piper are the unopposed “elected” members of the TUC LBGT Committee. They offer the same intellectual contribution to transsexual & transgender human rights as Yogi Bear & Boo Boo. Actually I’m being unfair to Yogi & Boo Boo here LOL.

Press for Change of which Angela Clayton is a vice-president have a vested financial interest in the maintenance of the mental illness classification supporting the psychiatric control of transition.

She has an MBE from a grateful government for helping produce a shameful piece of legislation enshrining the role of gender specialists (almost exclusively psychiatrists) into English law.

I noted some delegates appeared to be in awe of her MBE going along with her 20th century reactionary thinking even though what she says is reminiscent of the anti-gay establishment arguments of the 1970s.

I also noted some of her “semi-stealth” supporters exhibiting the attitude that I had a long hard difficult time transitioning so why shouldn’t you.

I abhor this viewpoint and it deserves nothing less than ridicule, as does the transsexual people worry about access to surgery if it’s not a mental illness statement.

There was more but I’m getting bored with repeating their stupidity.

My conclusion is that Press For Change has hijacked the TUC in an attempt to give them a legitimacy that they do not deserve. The whole Union process of LBGT Union politics is a distraction and a waste of my time.

These are the truths that are self-evident:

You do not need permission to change gender.

You do not need approval to change gender.

Changing gender is not a mental illness.

What I’ve learnt on my personal journey is that being female is in the mind whether it is, as I believe, a pre-birth neurological condition or a life style choice doesn’t matter.

The state must acknowledge a permanent change of gender and minus the medical requirement the Gender Recognition Act it does this.

The Sex Discrimination Act definition of intends to undergo gender reassignment is wrong it is the intent to live permanently in the gender opposite to that classified at birth that counts.

It is a fundamental human right of each individual to decide which of the two legal genders they belong to.

It is not wrong to temporarily switch between genders for any reason lifestyle, sexual or other.

If someone wants to live as a “third gender” maybe modifying secondary sexual characteristics by surgery or hormones they have the right to do so.

If someone wants to modify or remove their primary sexual organs they have an absolute right to do so.

At the end of the day all this boils down to individual responsibility and each person accepting that no one else can define or know who/what you are.

Transsexual or Transgender is a Human Rights issue it has nothing to do with psychiatry.

Kate & Ina gave their permission for this image to be used in my blog.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Unite the Union is institutionally transphobic…

When I transitioned at the biscuit factory Unite then known as the Transport & General Workers Union had already issued a Transgender Policy Guide detailing Union policy for the support of transsexuals in the work place.

My local branch and in particular the union convenor decided this was a policy they could ignore and instead supported a small group of female bigots to drive me out of the business on the basis of not wanting me using female toilet facilities whilst pre-operative.

Management separately adopted a policy of direct harassment of me as an individual that has led to my suspension and that situation continues.

As the Union has provided free legal assistance I let the matter of the breach of Union rules to the paid officials to sort out and instead concentrated on doing my bit to ensure no one else in the union would experience my abuse and persecution.

I prepared a summary and detailed report highlighting the legal employment rights of transgender and transsexual people in the workplace. Both have disappeared into the Union beaurocracy so that should another branch take the same prejudicial approach to a transsexual in transition they can without fear of any sanction.

The core reason for this is the bigots one of you chose to do this so you must expect the consequences and anyway you are mentally ill so you must expect normal men and women not to understand.

Still undeterred I joined the regional LBGT forum and went to the Unite LBGT Conference.

At the conference I got Trevor Phillips the head of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission to declare that transgender people are not mentally ill.

At the time I was talked out of writing in my blog that the Conference leadership was transphobic but I will declare that now.

Still determined I lobbied my Union to put forward a motion to the TUC LBGT conference declaring that transsexual and transgender people were not mentally ill. I got the support of Region 1 LBGT forum so the executive officers got that twice.

The executive decided this wasn’t the motion T&GW Unite should put forward preferring a meaningless one of physical abuse of each other by gays and lesbians.

Instead an amendment to one put forward by Angela Clayton of Press for Change and Prospect on Trans Equality was submitted.

Angela Clayton who supports the continuation of psychiatric control of transition wrote to my Union twice rejecting the amendment.

At the conference she argued and just won the floor vote by saying that it confused her motion.

My LBGT leadership claimed it only found out her objection on the day of the conference and that they would vote against the main motion if the amendment were not accepted.

They didn’t the statement was as hollow as their support for Trans people in the workplace.

What was worst was that in advance of the conference I had prepared two documents, one in support of our amendment and a second one countering the apologists as I expected Angela Clayton to speak against.

I was deliberately obstructed by a paid union official from speaking to the Unite LBGT leader before the conference.

At the conference the delegate nominated to present the amendment had not read my documents nor prepared a speech.

I had to cobble together a few words for her that she delivered with the conviction of someone embarrassed by having to speak words they didn’t believe.

The delegate that proposed the amendment then waived the right to respond after Angela Clayton had wheeled out someone to actually say transgender people accepted the mental illness classification, as they feared losing treatment!

This is the ultimate stupid argument from Press for Change that have a vested financial interest in the continuing abuse of transsexual & transgender people by the charlatan psychiatrists.

Waving the right to respond added incompetence to transphobia.

It was an embarrassment and a disaster for all transsexual and transgender people in my Union.

Given the appointment of Zuker and Blanchard to review DSM V there was good reason for an emergency motion but there was fat chance of that from my Union because they only pay lip service to the T in LBGT and chose not to understand the Trans issues.

So I walked out of the TUC conference. My LBGT national leader stating Unite would put forward a motion on the mental illness issue next year.

It was meaningless gesture as I have no confidence in Unite T&GWU LBGT group, in particular its leadership, to reverse the institutional transphobia that exists in my Union.

I’ve been betrayed twice by my Union and I won’t let it happen a third time so I’ve quit the LBGT forum and I’ll not return.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Beyond the fringe...

Last week I went to the TUC LBGT conference. I was supposed to be there two days but I walked out in protest mid-afternoon on the first day. I won't be going back my days in Unite LBGT Forum are over. A full report on that to follow...

The highlight of my visit was however listening to Peter Tatchell speak at a fringe meeting. I admire Peter for his conviction politics and wanted him to support my campaign. He has been too influenced by Press For Change establishment thinking in the past.

Anyway his speech on the abuse of LBGT asylum seekers by our own Government was excellent. It’s clearly case of select your weakest most vulnerable people to achieve your deportation targets. He campaigns well with realism that there are no votes in defending Human rights in this area.

He did however make a very important point that the Unions would never have a better time to change Labour Party policy than now by withholding funding. I don’t think it’ll happen though as the leaders of the Unions are as much a part of New Labour apparatus as the MPs.

That New Labour has replaced consulting Unions with consulting faith groups and the consequential compromising of Human Rights was well made.

There is very little tolerance in either Christian or muslim organised faiths for women, gays or transsexuals.

Afterwards I spoke directly to Peter about the need to remove the mental health stigma for transsexual and transgender people as like gay & lesbian this is something you are born with rather than chose.

“But what does it matter if is a lifestyle choice?” asked Peter.

“It doesn’t at all providing you keep the psychiatrists out!” was my reply.

If you believe as I do in Human Rights then you have to be totally inclusive...

No T please in LBGT

At the London Pride event on 5th July 2008 official stewards who were running the toilets at Trafalgar Square announced that transgender or transsexual women had to use the disabled toilets and were not allowed to use the regular women's toilets.

A policeman, who was a LGBT liaison officer, claimed that trans women had to be able to show a Gender Recognition Certificate if they wanted to use the women's toilets.

Now are gay & lesbian people prejudiced?