Friday, 13 June 2008

The problem with Transgender is too many Mollies…

Now I’ve always been a person of many layers a bit like those Russian Dolls. I’ve always resisted the layers being completely peeled back as a sort of protection of the inner me. I let people get close but never that close probably fearing that while the four outer ones would be male the innermost one would be female – my terrible secret.

That is my definition of transsexual because it is your innermost and true identity that eventually will out. Then of course the issue becomes what do you do about it and the political debate starts...

One thing I know is that peeling back the layers of your mind can be a very emotional process but it’s not a mental illness. The realisation of the sex of your soul is a challenge no matter how strong your spirit.

In my case I resisted the inevitable too long & too hard though subsequent events have shown I had good reason. The euphoria of transition soon put to the test by society’s prejudice & intolerance. Sometimes I think the institutionalised prejudicial attitude displayed towards transsexual and transgender people illustrates the distance we still have to go to get equality between men & women.

Now in there lies the ethical dilemma as the politics of transgender raises huge fundamental questions of balance of human rights and even the definition of male & female. It can all get very complicated, if you want it, by labels and definitions but essentially the debate comes down to conflicting rights of those who make a permanent change and those who don’t.

Those who make a permanent changer of gender presentation mostly see this as a change of sex regardless of whether they undergo surgical changes to primary sexual characteristics. Permanent change of gender presentation equals rights to a new legal status, birth certificates and marriage. English Law allows this without a requirement for surgery though it does require you to admit to a bogus mental illness.

In the UK legal protection is given to those “who intend to undergo gender reassignment” and here in lies the crux of the transgender argument between those who say that means surgical changes to primary sexual characteristics and those who say no it doesn’t or that a third gender/sex or range of genders/sexes applies.

Confused? You should be!

Now pile into that the issue of sexuality and group together all Trans people within LBGT and the confusion is total for the general public especially the men who like their cyber Lady Boy fantasies.

So where do we go from here?

Well one thing for certain is that we must abolish the mental illness classification no matter what you call yourself as until we do we give the world an underlying excuse for their prejudice.

It is undoubtedly true that the worst examples of prejudice any Trans person In the UK will face is in the medical establishment and the way things are heading then gay & lesbian people will be dragged back into mental illness pathologization if they display the slightest non-binary gender presentation.

The problem is that LBGT appears to have adopted the transvestic fetishist agenda making demands for “equal rights” for men who temporarily change or modify their gender presentation. OK they’ll hate me for using transvestic fetishist, which is why they have grabbed and confused the transgender identity with their hierarchical pre-operative and post-operative transsexual approach.

But then what’s new there, these are men after all and they can’t cope with recognising women as equals so how can they understand those who make permanent change to primary sexual organs.

So why can’t the transvestites use the original name of Mollies then we can have LBGM so Transgender can separate, as M would indicate a sexual preference whereas T certainly doesn’t.

Far too simple!

That’s the problem with Transgender really it just contains too many Mollies…

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