Sunday, 22 June 2008

I know what faith is…

Last night I went to bed mentally & physically shattered. Emotionally whilst I’d resolved in my heart to fight on my head said I would lose. I’d deduced the arguments and tactics that my PCT plan to use against me and couldn’t see a counter.

As usual I said a little prayer and surprisingly fell into a very deep sleep.

Today I awoke with the solution and the tactics clear in my mind. My guardian angel (if you like) had planted it firmly in my mind.

I don’t remember any dreams (not like me that), which is why I’ve said guardian angel, but all I know is that I didn’t consciously think the solution through.

I now know that I can beat this evil PCT & Charing Cross who think they are so clever as people underestimate me time & time again.

I’m not going to spell things out at this stage but I have faith that I can win this battle both for myself and for all transsexual people.

Truth and justice are based on love and faith.

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