Friday, 23 May 2008

You must chose one or the other one but neither of them will be what they claim…

In case you’ve not noticed I’m a bit of a fan of Manchester, now that’s the City not the football teams. So yesterday’s trip to my hairdresser was a real pleasure. It was great to look out of the train and see the white thorn bushes & trees in full bloom.

I think the English thorn is very underrated. The Japanese get dead misty eyed about cherry blossom time and they are nice but the English red thorn sort of sums up our nation. Hey you Japs you do wishy-washy pink but we do real red!

I just love the splash of red amongst the hedgerows of white – magnificent!

When I got To Piccadilly I had to smile at the number of men still in their ManU shirts in the bars or walking towards the station looking a tad worse for wear. Still it had been a party and the free copy of the Manchester Evening News was dominated by United success.

On about page 8 of the newspaper one article however caught my eye (and the girls at my hairdressers) as it described how a woman with her partner were refused the morning after contraceptive pill as a muslim chemist refused to supply and how the royal college of pharmacists thought this OK in their guidelines!

I mean what is going on here. A fundamental human right for a woman in England is to choose when and if to get pregnant and if pregnant have the right to terminate. This obviously includes suspicion and the morning after pill.

No religious group, especially a male dominated one, has the right to say ah but I don’t approve so you can’t. If a pharmacist or a doctor has an issue with this fundamental woman’s right to choose then they should not be in medicine.

Now talking of human rights the more I think about transgender rights the less I understand exactly what it is Press For Change and others think they are missing.

I think transgender can be divided into two simple categories permanent change and temporary change. In my earlier article I argued that the same rights for someone changing gender presentation at whim is nonsense. Today I am dressed as a woman so I am female; today I am dressed as a man so I am male. No it doesn’t work does it!

OK next we have those who intend to have gender reassignment and those that don’t. Well the keyword is intend, as the law actually doesn’t insist you do have a surgical sex change.

Therefore someone who has had no surgery can change sex legally after 2 years given proof of living in their chosen gender, committing to a lifelong change and convincing a HM Government approved gender specialist that this a permanent change and then enjoy the full protection of the law for the gender they have transitioned to.

This is the most liberal gender recognition policy in the world and if you can’t do that then you remain the sex you were allocated at birth. I fail to see how this is a problem for non-operative people. I have a friend who is in this category and will never change and so what!

There simply is no issue here unless you switch back and forth and dislike the two-gender system that underpins our society.

“You must chose one or the other one but neither of them will be what they claim” Bob Dylan. OK he didn’t have transgender people in mind but it’s a great summary. (Actually he was singing about fortune or fame.)

So that’s where we inevitably end up with transsexual people or rather the permanent changers now well protected by law and able to be their true sex whereas the transvestites or temporary transgender can’t.

That is only right and proper.

Remember a transgender is for life not just for Manchester Gay Village on a Wednesday night LOL

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