Monday, 19 May 2008

Trouble with him is he’s got bloke syndrome…

I was talking to a girlfriend about a guy we both know and how stuck in his ways he was even though he’d done a lot of travelling about in his youth as he’s now in his 40s he won’t go anywhere he doesn’t know. “Has he got social anxiety disorder?” I asked. The reply was “Nah he’s just got bloke syndrome!” LOL

There then followed a giggly conversation about defining bloke syndrome and we concluded the symptoms were:

#1 inability to accept science based fact

#2 stubbornness

#3 arrogance

#4 a belief that women are inferior to men

#5 no dress sense

#6 being unnecessarily noisy

#7 rating women by the size of their tits

#8 believing sexuality defines the person

#9 making football a religion

#10 thinking they are irresistible to women when they are drunk

There are more symptoms of bloke syndrome but we got bored at this stage LOL

It did make me think though about the Trans agenda and how only men could say that transgender people need the same rights as transsexual people!

Lets see for transgender:

Drag Queens obviously feel victimised by their parody of women being disbelieved.

Hairy panty wearers have to be protected from the embarrassment of discovery.

Cross dressers need headless photographs made acceptable on ID cards.

Gay or bisexual Transvestic fetishists need protection from admitting their sexuality.

Transvestites need to have full legal rights dependent on how they are dressed that day. So dual birth certificates etc. please?

That’s bloke syndrome isn’t it?

Lets be clear the idea that people need additional protection of their legal rights simply because of a temporary change in gender presentation is ridiculous.

But of course if you say that the majority of transgender people don’t want gender reassignment you are telling the truth though better still no transgender person wants gender reassignment!

I found this in Hansard:

Mark Pritchard: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many gender reassignment operations were carried out by NHS trusts between January 2007 and January 2008; and at what cost. [196798]?

Mr. Ivan Lewis: The information requested is not yet held by the Department. However, the amount of transgender procedures carried out in the national health service in previous years, from 2002 to 2006, are shown in the following table.

Male to Female / Female to Male
2002-03 79 / 2
2003-04 83 / 1
2004-05 99 / 0
2005-06 97 / 4

Note: Data for 2006-07 and 2007-08 is not yet available. Source: Hospital Episode Statistics data.

Now that just shows you how few we are in terms of numbers OK multiply that by what 2 or 3 for private surgery and you get a correlation to the number of gender recognition certificates issued.

So you should get the picture by now?

Transsexual people are far too small in number to justify the gender confusion industry that has grown out of the false assumption by heterosexual or gay males that we must be mad to want to have our penises turned inside out.

But with transgender boy do we have a different picture, all those poor men confused by their sexual desires into believing that there is a hierarchy with hairy panty wearers at the base and post operative transsexuals at the pyramid.

This is what Zucker & Blanchard believe and they will establish in DSM V thereby preserving the income of the gender confusion psychiatric specialists.

Ably supported by Press for Change I can at best see a third gender emerging to catch all these men.

Transsexual people are a sacrificial part of the process of capitalist gain from treating bloke syndrome or gender dysphoria - pick your preferred condition.

That’s why the only way to protect the human rights of those who make a permanent change of gender is to declare the mental illness pathologisation illegal.

We now have protection from harassment & discrimination in employment and goods and services, we have the right to new birth certificates and a legal right to surgery. It would be nice to add additional protection from incitement to hatred whilst in transition but the only major right we demand is to be free of the mental health industry.

These are our human rights:

No transsexual person requires the permission of anyone to make a permanent change of gender.

No transsexual person needs the approval of anyone to make a permanent change of gender.

A permanent change of gender is not a mental illness.

A permanent change of gender is recognised as a change of sex in a binary sex world.

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