Sunday, 18 May 2008

Transsexual representation at TUC & other issues...

Hello LLL,

I'm troubled by some of things that are being said or not said in terms of protecting transsexual people's interests in the TUC & Unite.

I've got involved with the T in LBGT despite huge personal reservations about grouping cross dressers, drag queens and transvestic fetishists with transsexual people.

I try my best to explain that transsexual people are not motivated by any sexual orientation or practice and that our issue is acceptance of our identity in terms of a binary sex society. We are not a third sex we transition to the sex our brain dictates but that seems too simple for the majority to accept.

Most importantly we are not prepared to accept any more the pathologisation of a bogus mental illness.

I also try my best to ensure that no one ever has to endure the promotion of bigotry by their own branch officials ever again.

So OK I was more than a little disappointed by the rejection of the Unite TUC motion I proposed but having had time to read and reflect on both the Unite and TUC LBGT minutes & newsletter I am even more concerned and would like some answers to these questions please.

#1 Why is there no transsexual representative on the Unite LBGT national forum on a reserved place basis obviously put to the vote if there are multiple nominations?

#2 What is the situation as regards transsexual representation at the TUC LBGT Committee and again is there a reserved place for a transsexual person basis obviously put to the vote if there are multiple nominations?

#3 What does "It was agreed to amend a motion on transgender & transsexuals to take into account R1 & R5 motions" actually mean? What is the motion & who is presenting it?

#4 Why in the TUC newsletter does it say under EHRC "TUC was invited to a stakeholder LGB meeting In Manchester on 10 April. Trans issues are being covered separately although there are issues about how far equivalent weight is given to this, which the TUC has taken up" but gave no details?

#5 Who from the TUC is talking to the EHRC on behalf of transsexual union members?

#6 Under TUC trans goods & services regulations it says that a trans activist is centrally involved in the production of Guidance promised by Government but who is this person & who are they accountable to?

My conclusion so far is that transsexual people's rights have been compromised in the great "Trans" political agenda promoted by the self interest group Press For Change and that Unite & the TUC is playing along to this agenda. I trust that your answers will convince me this is not the case.

LLL, I am a human rights activist with a rather obvious interest in transsexual people's human rights. I don't seek personal gain or advancement but I do seek access to lobby those who have power and influence and win their hearts & minds through logical science based argument. So far I get the impression I'm trying to lobby a sponge!

I look forward to your reply.

Regards and Solidarity,


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