Monday, 5 May 2008

My ancestors were roundheads…

I’ve always been proud of my English heritage not in that sort of “patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels” way more that by understanding the motivations of people who came before us we can do a better job today. Learning the lessons of history if you like.

When we fought our Civil War it was to end forever the Divine Right of Kings to force their will on the people. OK they’d been pulled back a bit by Magna Carta but that I would argue was a group of Capitalists sorting out the rules to suit themselves. Our Civil War was for the people.

Now we fight it again this time for the freedom of transsexual people.

On the one side you have King Stephen of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, the Knights of Press for Change, the Medical Establishment and all who defend the divine right of charlatan psychiatrists to decide who may have surgery and on the other side you have Maggie Fox and the forces of Parliament.

In the Civil War no one expected the King to lose but he did and it cost him his head. Now history is about to repeat.

My Primary Care Trust thinks it can (like all the others) create a policy that makes it an unnecessarily slow and tortuous process to affirm your gender and correct a birth defect by surgery.

But Parliament has set the rules for the people in the Gender Recognition Act and the Mental Capacity Act so to fight me is to fight Parliament itself and history teaches us in that in war against Parliament there is only one winner.

This is why England became the greatest nation in the world and created America in her image. We hold our officials accountable to the people. OK we may not yet hold direct elections to the Primary Care Trust Boards but the Primary Care Trust is accountable to Parliament and Parliament to the people.

Somehow I feel my ancestors who fought against the King would be proud of my victory on behalf of transsexual people everywhere…

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