Tuesday, 6 May 2008

King Stephen gets his knickers in a twist…

Well a bit of excitement in the world of charlatan psychiatry today as Press For Change announce that Dr Kenneth Zucker will head the review of gender dysphoria at the American Psychiatric Association for DSM V.

DSM V is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. They put the word Statistical in there in a vain attempt to say they are backed by scientific fact when we all know their pet theories have no valid scientific statistical data to back them up.

Dr Ray Blanchard will help Dr Zucker.

This pair is famous for believing that transsexual women are gay men without penises (Blanchard) and that gender dysphoric children can be cured by conversion therapy (Zucker). That translates as gender affirmation surgery is not justified and beat the shit out of children if they seem gender variant.

So poor King Stephen is doing his best headless chicken imitation, as his precious World Professional Association for Transgender Health will merely express it’s dismay that Zucker & Blanchard are not two of their group.

Oh Dear, Oh Dear Oh Dear!

Well actually NO I’m delighted (and laughing) as the more extreme the position of the psychiatrists is the easier it will be to win the argument that transgender and transsexual people are not mentally ill.

This is a battle for human rights so as we see the same arguments and treatments that were used against homosexuals re-emerge it makes it easier to defeat these psychiatric charlatans.

WPATH & DSM both must go and will go when we use the Human Rights Act to end the abuse of transgender & transsexual people.





Good stuff eh?

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