Sunday, 25 May 2008

Just two more law changes & job is done...

I don't care about the politics of temporary change in gender presentation but I passionately care about the rights of people who make a permanent change of gender.

This is a copy of my letter to my MP Janet Dean on the issue of incitement to hatred.

Dear Janet,

I’ve now discovered that without fanfare the changes to Discrimination for Goods & Services in terms of protection for transsexual people have passed into law.

The regulations rightly only cover people who intend to undergo or have undergone gender reassignment.

I found an excellent HM Government Factsheet available at see the last paragraph link - 080408_factsheet.doc.

So I have no more issues with HM Government on that.

I think I confused you at our last meeting though as my concern is not quite what you put in your letter to Jack Straw.

What I actually meant was that incitement to hatred on the grounds of intended or actual gender reassignment needed to be an offence in the same way as incitement to hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.

I am concerned that with the emphasis on incitement to hatred on sexual orientation transsexual people may be overlooked.

I found no mention at all of incitement to hatred against transsexual people in the Hansard copies you kindly sent me hence my continuing concern.

Finally thank you for your support regarding my personal case. I await the imminent decision of South Staffordshire Primary Care Trust with some optimism now.

Kind regards,

Maggie Fiona Fox

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