Tuesday, 13 May 2008

I’m an activist not a politician…

I never set out to an activist it’s just been thrust on me by the inherent prejudice of a white male dominated society in England.

I realise that a heterosexual or gay male greatest possession is his penis or “crown jewels” and therefore it is impossible for them to understand why someone would not want one but they do understand why lesbians are obviously guilty of penis envy.

Those attitudes with a pathological heterosexual fear of being found guilty of inadvertently sleeping with a woman that was once a man shape our society.

Now add to that the fact that there are just a few thousand transsexual people in England and you might begin to see why the Human Rights Act is the cornerstone of legal protection for those who have or intend to have gender reassignment.

This is where it began:

COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2004/113/EC. of 13 December 2004

One interesting aspect of this Directive is that as a consequence of the P v Cornwall, heard before the European Court of Justice in 1996, sex discrimination must also include discrimination on the grounds of actual or proposed gender reassignment. As a consequence member states will, by December 2007 have to implement protections on the ground of gender reassignment in the provision of goods and services (though article 3 excludes education from its scope).

Now that’s pretty simple isn’t it? However our politicians run scared of the claims that transsexual people will raise.

Intention to undertake gender reassignment has always been a simple legal definition of a transsexual person as opposed to a transgender person and I 100% agree with it.

However if you earn a living by being an expert on gender that isn’t good enough as it excludes cross dressers or transvestites who prefer to be called transgender. Of course if they admit to being gay or lesbian the law protects them but let’s not confuse ourselves shall we.

In the numbers game that is vital to being a political lobby group or perhaps more importantly a nice little earner just representing transsexual people isn’t enough after all 10% of the male population enjoy some sort of cross dressing experience.

Last year I berated the European Transgender Council for not stating in simple words that being either transgender or transsexual is not a mental illness so I was pleased to see this in their latest press release:

Despite much scientific controversy, forms of transgender continue to be listed in the DSM IV of the American Psychological Association APA), just as homosexuality once was, and in the ICD-10 of the World Health Organization (WHO) as psychological disorders. DSM and ICD are guideline manuals used in healthcare to standardise the definitions of what constitutes mental illness. Transgender Europe (TGEU) emphatically refuses this pathologisation and will assist the next reformulation of the DSM in a critical manner, when this is carried out in 2011.

Great eh?

But it then says:

At the plenary meeting of Transgender Europe (TGEU) on 4.5. a new Executive Board and a new Steering Committee were elected, with
representatives from Denmark, Germany, England, Ireland and Italy. The new President of the Organisation is Stephen Whittle, PhD, Professor of Equalities Law, Manchester Metropolitan University, President of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH, USA)and Vice President of Press for Change (PfC, UK).

That of course totally negates the first, as it is in good King Stephen’s political interest is to make sure that his psychiatrist paymasters keep the mental illness classification for transsexual people.

Are we sold out?


Will we activists accept it?


Will we fight?


Will we win?


A transsexual person is not mentally ill and their strength is they know their identity and do something about it.

Transgender/transvestite/cross dressing people may be troubled by the stress of deception but they aren’t mentally ill either.

Have a nice day…

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