Sunday, 11 May 2008

Don't confuse us with science...

The psychiatric profession is not one to worry about science fact preferring pseudo-science fiction. Deductions from their perception are the norm not bothering with any analysis of evidence to support their pet theory. But then they are the agents of the establishment to defend Caucasian male supremecy.

Try this for size:

Conception occurs at the moment sperm fuses with ova. The resulting zygote, not yet an embryo, has no sexual differentiation.

This is how all of us begin, even those of us born in test tubes.

The default condition of a human is female. At the moment of conception we have female configured brains and, without an influx of male hormone, we will be born with a female brain and female sexual anatomy. We call this the standard development pattern.

Sometimes, however, the genetic plan for the developing embryo misfires. The brain’s neurobiology configures first, the body’s later. For a boy to be born, the male hormone testosterone must wash over the undifferentiated fetus at two distinct points in the development.

• The first is when the human brain locks into gender identity. If the male hormone is not present at this time, the neurobiology of the brain will remain configured in the female state.

• The second crucial point is when the human body develops sexual organs, internal and eternal. If the male hormone is present, for whatever reason, the sexual organs will be male; if the male hormone is not present, the organs will default to female.

So, where do transsexual people come from?

• In an transsexual man (female to male), testosterone washed over the brain, changing the neurobiology to male, but not over the body so that the person was born with male neurobiology within a female anatomy.

• In an transsexual woman (male to female), testosterone washed over the body, but not the brain so that the person was born with female neurobiology in a body with male anatomy.

Got it guys?

It is that simple....

Acknowledgment here to one of my heroines Lisa Jain Thompson who campaigns for the adoption of Harry Benjamin Syndrome (HBS) to replace "gender dysphoria", we are one in spirit.

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