Sunday, 27 April 2008

Well I’ve had a spot of retail therapy and a new hairstyle!

I’ve bought two tops from Primark and a cool Mac from Marks & Spencer. Yes that’s right me in Primark! I went there first as it’s always been my last call before heading for the station so I reversed the shop sequence ending up last at Marks & Spencer and I’m glad I did!

The tops I bought are dead cool. I tried both on in size 8 but they were “grinning” too much so I moved up to 10 - perfect. Primark cut to minimum size to save fabric whereas M&S go mostly to maximum so I’m always an 8 there on tops. The one top is a sort of USA style blouse in dark blue covered with white stars. I’m not taking up line dancing by the way even though I’ve got a suitable flared denim skirt LOL

The other one is a black plunge V top with a cream sewn in vest top to keep you decent. It shows off my tiny cleavage and makes me feel trendy & sexy without being “mutton dressed as lamb”. I’ll wear it next week at my appeal hearing!

Now the Mac was the one I spotted on the M&S web site and it’s so non M&S! Of course I had to try on all the others but this one stood out by a mile. It’s incredibly tight cut & shaped and really flatters my evolving figure. You can’t really wear it if you are over a size 14, as it’s not cut for the fuller figure. They had it in sizes 18 & 22 and it looked ridiculous. I bought a 12 that fitted me exactly it’s shaped such that you’d never wear a jacket underneath just vary top thickness by season. In case you not guessed I love it!

Now my new Mac will be perfect for my train journeys in England’s wet climate talking of which I had to laugh as when I got to Manchester I was warned of the danger of slippery surfaces in the train station due to the inclement weather. Now come on guys this is Manchester one of the wettest cities on the planet where us girls permanently keep collapsible umbrellas in our handbags. Get real it rains and in 3.5-inch heels we don’t rush around like men LOL

Anyway it wasn’t raining when I left Piccadilly station and I successfully dodged the showers all day so my little duck handled umbrella never appeared.

At Joana’s hairdressers Sarah confirmed that the scans showed she was having a girl. She knew and the divining was right – no surprise there. Anyway she’s blooming and everything is going well. Her daughter is due September 1st but she reckons she’ll be late arriving on her mum’s birthday. Yeah I said she’ll cause you lots of pain then pop out and say Happy Birthday Mum and scream the place down LOL

Had lots of chats with the girls at the salon and got told a few things that are too personal to repeat here. The consensus was I’d done the right thing in turning down the St Georges council flat as the south of Manchester is the “Wild West” though I was at pains to point out that I was only staying put to get PCT funding for surgery at some risk to my own safety from the Uttoxeter bigots from the factory. I looked at private rented rates for central Manchester and there are some brilliant places on the market if you have the income and I would have by now if it weren’t for my employer’s discrimination. Still I’m confident that will get settled in my favour.

So Joana cut my hair a bit shorter and with a more emphasised fringe. I’m well pleased as the induced stress from discrimination at work I’ve been under has aged me a lot and I no longer look younger than my true age. It’s therefore important to have a trendy style balance that’s not supposed to be exclusively for 20 somethings’ whilst avoiding the extra ageing curly perms/blue rinse approach. She did a brilliant job so I’m well pleased. It’s getting closer to a bob but it isn’t if you know what I mean. I think it’s cool and I left feeling more confident in myself exactly what the day was all about!

So there you have it. All the pathetic inadequate people have tried their best to destroy me and very nearly succeeded but they failed. Now it’s time to make them pay the price. I’ve forgiven them, I’ve paid to God what is God’s but I’m not letting them off the pay unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s bit…

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