Friday, 18 April 2008

The trouble is you are so busy fighting the battles you can’t see you’ve won the war…

That was from Chris over lunch & coffee at mine after I’d showed her the letter & form from my PCT for Individual Funding for my surgery.

And she’s right!

We were discussing the offer of a flat I’d received from Manchester Housing and the effect it would have on my life.

OK there’s the obvious gain of walking away from the ignorance and prejudice of my employer, this town and the local PCT but at what cost to me?

At least here I know who & where my enemies are but most importantly I know their weaknesses.

Sure I gain a break from the intense psychological pressure they put me under but they do that to get me to give up, drive me away and achieve their victory.

I have the law, truth and justice on my side and now it is for me to choose the place of final victory.

So I’m not going to run I’ll finish the war here on my chosen ground.

I’ve put my belief in God & Love and the ultimate victory of Truth so my personal resurrection will be here…

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