Thursday, 24 April 2008

There’s always a defence but it isn’t a good one...

It’s been an interesting week since I last wrote in this blog. “J” my gay friend rang me “We need to talk about some human rights issues – can you be in White Hart tomorrow at 11am?

Well yes I got there at 11:20am, as he’s always late. No “J” so I ring him and he’s forgotten! LOL Anyway he can get there in 10mins and I have a nice glass of chardonnay so who cares. “J” arrives and in his inimitable style brings me up to date with his global exploits. I reciprocate with my issues of Transsexual & Transgender human rights. I’m not sure the White Hart is used to such discussions. When I’ve been there before it’s been should England play 4-4-2 or 3-1-5-1 or a diamond or…

Then I spent 3 days going through every evidence document, manual diary entries and blog entries cross referencing them to produce the most comprehensive chronological presentation ready for my Grievance Appeal hearing. It is devastating stuff now I can so easily demonstrate my version of events is true so I banged a copy off to the legal team as it’s a lot better than the one they did which I based it on.

I spoke at length to my Gender Consultant’s secretary and then to Mr Phil Thomas’s (my preferred surgeon) secretary. I got some excellent information for the special application for funding that my PCT will hear on 2 June. My GP has got until the middle of May to submit the application so I’m chilled as I’ve pretty much got everything I need.

Dr “LR” briefed me on the correct letter to send so that I don’t compromise my legal rights by agreeing to a one off meeting with a psychiatrist they insist on giving a second opinion. Done wrong it would weaken my potential legal case if it comes to a show down in the courts with my PCT but I won’t fall into that trap.

“L” has been magnificent by encouraging me but giving me time & space when I needed it. I’ve been waking up in the early hours scribbling down notes or double checking I have evidence so it’s been exhausting but it’s worth the effort.

Call on mobile, “Where are you?” “In the hall” I said, “well your doorbell isn’t working” LOL It was Chris! So I rehearsed my presentation with her over coffee until we fell about laughing at her statement “they really think they can defend that when you have the meeting minutes”? My reply was “Well yes there’s always a defence but it isn’t a good one!” LOL

We then got on to more interesting stuff before Chris went off to have her hair done and I went and paid my rent, got some food in and a present of Port & Stilton for her Dad’s birthday on Saturday. I’m addicted to mussels in white wine sauce at the moment it’s my Saturday night treat. Well OK that and some wine and chocolate too.

On the way to Lidl a lady driving a car pulled over and asked me to point her in the right direction. She’d come off at the wrong Uttoxeter exit off A50 yes we have two and I know we’re a one-tranny town too! Anyway point is we chatted with lots of eye contact and she didn’t “make me” Hey that’s better than last year’s dodging half full coke cans being thrown at me!

Chris’s hair looked great after her hairdresser had finished so we joked about Paul noticing, as men don’t. I always did when Chris & I were together but then I was a bit different LOL She said she told him yesterday “I’m having my hair done tomorrow” and this morning “Don’t forget I’m having my hair done today”. So he’s got no excuse when she gets home and does the hair flick LOL

Anyway I’m off to Manchester tomorrow to get my hair done & mooch about the shops to see if there are any bargains. I intend to go into next week’s meeting feeling totally chilled.

“J” rang tonight to ask me to see Janet Dean my MP regarding incitement to hatred against transgender people I think I’m an expert on that issue now so I’ll enjoy making a labour MP squirm. Hey ho the life of an activist is never dull or quiet. On the other hand perhaps I should get a certain fat Irish bigot to explain that issue to her but I expect she has already. After all with that law protecting transgender people I can think of a dozen people to arrest in this town. Now let me see shall I name them – Oh no I already have in my grievances! LOL

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