Friday, 14 March 2008

Times are changing?

Not in terms of stupid moronic abuse from the locals before you get too excited!

I’ve got an irritating little shit from Thomas Alleyne’s High School (Uttoxeter) called Mark who thinks its funny to walk close behind me saying “Tranny”. Shame he can’t be disciplined for failure to follow the school motto “I will that all schollers shall behave themselves gently to all kinds of persons of every degree ” Thomas Alleyne, Founder of the school (Circa 1558). But then what can you expect from a town full of bigots?

In other ways – perhaps…

I got an increase in credit limit from Barclaycard much to my surprise now for most people that’s a so what but as a discharged bankrupt on poverty wages then it’s a welcome sign of financial rehabilitation.

I know I shouldn’t but a bit of retail therapy was essential to celebrate. Actually I did rather well as I bought the pink top (£5) and black jeans (£14) that I’d lusted over for the past two weeks and then a real bargain a great pair of black ankle boots reduced from £15 to £5. All from Peacocks and all fit a dream so that’s my smart casual look sorted as I already have a cool purple jacket.

I’m off to Manchester during next week to see if there are any bargains to be had – bet I’ll find one LOL Also it’s decision time for the Gender Recognition Panel so I’m praying it’s third time lucky there. Oh and I’m seeing Manchester Housing so it’s fingers and toes crossed for that! Makes it hard to walk so I’ll skip & run LOL

We’ve finally agreed an appeal hearing with my employer at the end of next month and just maybe they’ll take the grievances seriously after that. It’s time to explain the law in words of one syllable and how they flouted it never mind broke it.

This is the time when what happens next is a lot to do with your core personality, the bit that got trampled on and nearly destroyed in my case. That I see the glass half full rather than half empty is a significant point on my road to recovery.

I’ve got that inner contentment back and my passion for truth and justice. Things can only get better…

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