Saturday, 15 March 2008

So would you accept a third gender then?

Well it’s infinitely better than being male was my instant response to yet another deep searching question from “L”. Yeah we’re speaking again well more like discussing the meaning of life, god & the universe between comparing fashion!

We’re trying to learn to be just friends which of course is not easy after such a tempestuous affair. I hope we make it but “L” and I have no secrets and have revealed our souls to each other so who knows where we end up. I’m determinedly switching off my ability to foresee future events. (I hope.)

Anyway back to the question and my response.

This is fundamental to the transsexual and transgender debate. The issue being do you seek to affirm your sex or your gender?

For a transsexual person defined as someone in the process of making a permanent change to the limit of acceptable surgical skill then you are affirming your sex. You are making your body as congruent as medicine can achieve to the sex of your brain. It is the sex of your brain that never changes and that you seek to affirm in legal terms not the sex of your body on the basis of an examination at birth.

For a transgender person defined as someone who switches back & fore in terms of gender presentation then the issue of affirming your sex never arises as it is as recorded on your initial birth certificate.

But if we look at the reality to get a birth certificate in your true gender you must submit to being recorded on a Government database that defines you as having changed gender rather than making a simple correction of the original registry entry so perhaps in England we have created a third gender whilst preserving the original classification of sex determined by the doctor who examined you at birth.

That there is no legal requirement for physical change is undoubtedly right as the surgery for female to male in terms of creating a functional penis is just not there yet.

It could get very interesting though when transplantation techniques or organ growth from stem cells reach a standard where a transsexual man can father children and a transsexual women can carry a child to birth. This is not fantasy as if we continue to push the boundaries of medicine then we will see it happen though maybe not in my lifetime.

Meanwhile we must agree that sex is not defined by the possession or non-possession of a penis or a womb.

We must agree that brain sex not body sex is the determining factor and that it is a natural occurring phenomenon that brain sex and body sex may not be congruent and that is perfectly normal to want to align them but you can’t change the sex of your brain.

That is what I know to be the truth.

I recognise that the simplicity of this truth can appear compromised by transvestic fetishists and the sex and psychiatric industries that believe that gender is a chosen position and that people can be cured by counselling. This is the gender is a social construct argument compared to strict binary heterosexual presentation (which is all the majority of society want to see, note the same people believe in corporal and capital punishment).

Recently I’ve been reading the opposition’s arguments and it doesn’t take long or much research to find out these people believe homosexuality is something that is acquired but loathed by the individual. It’s the old ridiculous religious argument of control of the individual by the establishment making you believe in the concept of original sin. The establishment as guardians of capitalist exploitation want you to feel insecure and inadequate – how else could you invent a term like gender dysphoria?

So can I accept a third gender? Well NO.

My brain was created female my body male but I have declared my intention to live as female for the rest of my life. Only finance stands between me and the limits of physical surgical change.

That means the word Girl on my new birth certificate when it arrives is correct and I can look God in the eye and say behold the woman, Maggie Fiona Fox.

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