Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The myths of English language…

I’ve decided that the political establishment and their supporters have become very adept at the creative use of English to say one thing when they mean the opposite.

Witness the word transgender that has no legal meaning and the statement transgender people are not mentally ill. Nice sound bite every one can say it but do nothing so the abuse continues.

Most transsexual people will not complain as they want to complete their transition and merge back into society. Well merge is a bad word really as that implies an acceptance by society when clearly most of society is institutionally transphobic.

I’ve now drafted a motion for my Union to consider and that I hope will in due course be presented to and endorsed by the TUC.

Conference notes that the Equalities and Human Rights Commission and HM Government both now state that transsexual or transgender people do not have a mental illness but also notes that their Human Rights have not been brought in line with lesbian, gay or bisexual people.

Conference therefore requests that HM Government Equalities and Human Rights Commission inform the American Psychiatric Association, The Royal College of Psychiatrists and the World Health Organisation that United Kingdom citizens can no longer be considered as suffering from a disease variously described as Gender Identity Disorder or Gender Dysphoria.

Conference further calls for an immediate removal of transsexual & transgender people being subject to the Mental Health Act and that the Sex Discrimination Act and The Gender Recognition Act are amended to remove any direct or implied reference to a mental illness for transsexual & transgender people and that The Department of Health is instructed to cease its compulsory psychiatric management programme as a prerequisite for access to National Health Service surgeons.

I think it spells out what is wrong but more importantly what must be done to rid us of the charlatans that masquerade as gender specialist psychiatrists and their evil influences.

Talking of evil influences I was very distressed to see the latest example of abuse of LBGT people in Iraq. This is yet another example of the barbaric nature of male dominated society in the Middle East. This is in no small part due to the manipulation & misinterpretation of religion by men to exert control over women and to destroy anything that threatens to disrupt heterosexual male supremacy.

Warning this link is very disturbing if you care about human rights.


Last evening I went out with “J” in Uttoxeter for a chat and a few drinks. It was nice to get out of my virtual prison for a change in my own town. I enjoy his company and he’s a big guy so I feel pretty safe. We chatted & laughed about a number of issues, as being an activist is not about being serious all the time OK?

“J” gave me a copy of The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement Newspaper something I’ve not seen before. They seem to be mainly concerned about the rights of gay & lesbian people in the Anglican Church but within the newspaper I spotted this:

“Some psychiatrists claim that all their homosexual patients are neurotic: but so are their heterosexual patients! Why else are they too on the couch?”

“The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy state that LBG people are open to seeking help for mental health problems. However, they may be misunderstood by therapists who regard their homosexuality as the root cause of any presenting problems such as depression or anxiety. Unfortunately therapists who behave in this way are likely to cause considerable distress”

Both of these illustrate that the medical establishment consider any movement away from the binary heterosexual norm to be a deviant mental illness. They are the agents of State to suppress any activity that threatens the fabric of our society where devious behaviour could cause a revolution of thought.

People wonder why I’m a Human Rights activist?

On my personal battle to get my true gender fully legally recognised I got a nasty letter from the Gender Recognition Panel saying my original statutory declaration was invalid now I'd supplied two divorce certificates and a warning that making a false statutory declaration could lay me open to charge of perjury.

OK that’s another £10 cost and I have to wait until the end of March to be finally approved because I think they’ve run out of legal nit picking excuses and I’ve learnt you can’t put single again if you were granted a decree absolute as you stay a divorced person forever.

But then the law is the law and we are all subject to it as my employers have learnt LOL

This cunning old hunchbacked Fox still has a lot of fight in her…

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